Ways To Get Paid: Making Money From Your Travel Photography


For a lot of travellers, jetting off around the world wouldn’t be right without a camera by their side. Giving you the power to document your adventures in crisp and clear images without having to learn complex skills, modern cameras and even those found on phones are essential when you’re seeing the world. As time goes on and you use your camera more and more, you will develop a set of skills which can only be built through experience, and this post is going to be showing you how to use them to make a little bit of money on the side. This could be an excellent way to cover your spending money while you’re away.

Spreading Your Influence

Social media sites have just about taken over the world of marketing over years. Few companies go without posting on websites like this, and even fewer don’t have accounts at all. As time has gone on, though, most businesses have realised that building a following on them isn’t as easy as you might expect. Travel photos tend to be a big draw, and you probably won’t suffer with this, with your accounts on websites like Instagram growing rapidly if you post the right snaps.

Once your presence has reached an impressive enough size, you will start to find opportunities to work as an influencer. This sort of chance will often come organically, with businesses getting in touch with you through social media. If you don’t get any requests like this, though, you could consider using a company like Tribe, as they will be able to pair you with businesses which are appropriate for your content. This can be a surprisingly lucrative hustle, with some people making a fortune out of their time on these sites.

Opening A Store

People often fall in love with the places they visit on vacation, but it isn’t always to see this until you’ve arrived back home. At this point, it will be too late to get photographs to remember the exact spots which you’ve enjoyed, and this has opened up a market for travel photographers. Getting your hands on a photo printer isn’t too expensive. Once you have this tool available, you can take snaps of the places you visit, printing and framing the images to sell to those who have enjoyed the area in the past.

Some people will want to go down the route of building their own website for this, though this will be an expensive and time-consuming approach to take. Instead, using an existing platform, like Etsy, can be a much better route to go down. Websites like this make it far easier to sell your own goods to the public, without having to spend a long time working on things like SEO and marketing. Of course, you will need to make an investment to get started with this, so it might not be for everyone.



Over the last few years, companies have been experimenting with loads of different ways to make money online. Whether they’re selling services, skills, or products, the lines have been blurred between business and pastime. In the world of photography, this has opened the doors to enthusiasts to get paid for photos without even having to sell them. By uploading your pictures to a site like Clickasnap, you can start generating a passive income when people look at them. It might not be a huge amount to begin with, but it shouldn’t take long for some spending money to come out of this.

Travelling Photographer

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to hold events like weddings overseas. With the world getting smaller all the time, it’s not too hard to arrange something like this, even if it means spending quite a bit of money. Of course, though, finding a professional like a photographer who is willing to go overseas isn’t an easy task. You’re in a unique position with this, as travelling is one of your passions, and making money through photography is one of your aims, so it makes sense as a route to pursue.

In some cases, you will be able to travel completely free when you use this method. In other cases, though, you will have to rely on being able to find people getting married when you are planning to travel. A website would be good for pushing this to new clients, but it isn’t essential, as long as you’re able to manage a good social media presence. As you get more and more jobs, it will get easier to network and market yourself, though it will still take a lot of time and effort.

Why Bother?

The idea of doing work when you’re trying to enjoy a vacation may not be everyone’s idea of a nice way to spend the break. Instead, you’ll want to spend the time relaxing, though this doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time on photography. You can find some of the benefits of this idea below, ignoring the money which you can make out of it.

Learning: Much like a writer, a lot of photographers find themselves struggling to find fresh subjects when they are learning their skills. When you’re on a break, having something which will push you to take as many snaps as possible will help you to learn much faster, broadening your skills with each click of the shutter.

Memories: While you will be using your photos to make money, you will get to keep them for as long as you like, and this gives you an excellent chance to collect some memories. People often say that they prefer to remember their vacations with their head, but this ignores the power of a photo compared to an older mind.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to get started on the path towards making money through taking photos. A lot of people like the idea of making a little extra from something they enjoy, but it can be a challenge to work your way there, and you will need to push yourself and be determined.



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