3 Ways to Become A More Discerning Traveler


Exploring the world can be a truly wonderful use of time. However, there’s one eternal struggle that most globetrotters face at some point throughout their journeys: how to become a more discerning traveler.

We’re talking about options. Options are the first and last things you need to try and sort through when choosing a travel destination, as every single daily decision you make can influence your adventure.

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For example, spending a week in a foreign country can be a life changing experience. You might wish to spend a week on a beautiful beach to soak in weather rarely experienced back home. However, at the end of that week, you might feel as if you neglected chances to explore the area’s local culture. Oppositely, you could spend the week exploring the local culture, but feel like you didn’t spend adequate time on the beach.

What can help you avoid this sense of FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) is to become a more discerning traveler. Here are a few ways to help you do just that:

Read Reviews

It’s important to use reliable services to help gain an understanding of how appropriate a place might be to travel to. Perhaps you read Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club Reviews to see how you could benefit from joining a rewards program, or you made an account on TripAdvisor or Yelp to help rate and review places you have been yourself.


Ensure you read a healthy amount of both high and low rated reviews. This can help you gain more of an understanding about which arguments are legit, and which might be an emotional reaction on the part of the writer. Reviews can be a valuable resource to help avoid problems and experience the best that a place has to offer, so it’s certainly recommended to use them.

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Speak To The Locals!

Many travelers often gain their sole information through reviews and other guidance and tip blogs. This is not a bad thing, but speaking directly to the source can also be a great idea. For example, talking to locals could help you find restaurants or other attractions that are separate from local tourist traps. Many of these places offer impeccable cuisines and unforgettable experiences — the best-kept secret of a country. Without interacting with the locals who live in the surrounding communities, it can be hard to discern value like this.

Join Discussion Forums!

Travel is a beautiful thing, but it can sometimes make you feel relatively lost when it comes to planning and booking. Perhaps you want to share an experience, but are unsure if others reacted positively or negatively to it. Perhaps you’re just unfamiliar with how to travel in a convenient manner. Joining travel forums or sites like Reddit and talking to people with extensive knowledge can help you become much more informed to this end.

With these tips, we hope you are much better able to become a discerning and worthwhile traveler.

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