3 Simple Ways To Travel On A Budget

Cheap Flights and Packing Tips to Save You Money

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Whether you’re partaking in solo or couple travel, or hot footing it with pals halfway across the world, there are always ways to shave some money off of your travel budget. Traveling sounds like it should be expensive, and for many who enjoy the perks of luxury travel, it is. However, just because you aren’t bathing in cash doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy globe trotting like the best of them do. Enjoying an overseas adventure is within everyone’s grasp, especially if you follow the below three simple ways to travel on a budget.

1. Pack Well

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When you consider heading abroad, whether it’s for a six months backpacking expedition or a simple fortnight vacation, it’s vital that you pack modestly. This means spending as little as possible but ensuring that you have packed for every eventuality. There are some essentials that you simply cannot travel without: If you’re backpacking, ensure you put three or four True Classic Tees in your holdall. These are well priced, yet of a superior quality to most. Being breathable and basic, they are perfect for traveling overseas and they can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything to make a range of outfits. Get a pair of jeans, and think layers. Don’t pack your expensive Prada overcoat (if you even have one). Go basic with a cheap fleece, windbreaker and sweater. You won’t break the bank and you won’t get too hot.

2. Leave Unnecessary Electronics

While you may love the electronics you use on a daily basis, you need to consider the reason why you are traveling in the first place. Is it to take a break from your demanding job, or to connect with nature or your loved ones? Sure, you could buy an iPad to take with you to scroll through Facebook for hours a day, but think of all of the wonderful scenery and memories you’d be missing out on. Instead, keep it basic. Take your smartphone for safety — if nothing else — and a decent travel camera. Unless you are a professional photographer, forgo the DSLRs and go for something in the $50 range. Cheaper yet still of incredible quality, you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing a precious item while overseas.


3. Book Direct Flights And Accommodation 

Photo Credit: Kit Stanwood

When you hot foot it overseas, the most expensive part of your trip will inevitably be your flight tickets and accommodation. Even with these simple ways to travel on a budget, you should always allocate extra money in this area and book direct. This saves time and frustration and can leave you arriving at your destination relatively refreshed rather than needing two days sleep because of delays and layovers on route. To keep costs down, take that direct flight at odd hours. While a 3 am flight isn’t ideal it could be half the price of the one that leaves at 3 pm.

Accommodation wise, book early and don’t be scared of going direct. Comparison websites can be great for a guide, but heading directly to the hotel website can save you a few dollars. You might also get a freebie thrown in like dinner or a free gym pass. Early bird discounts will also be worth your time and effort searching.

Heading off on vacation or traveling isn’t the cheapest activity to partake in, but it doesn’t have to cost you the small fortune you think it might.

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