6 Reasons Why Jakarta Should Be on Your Bucketlist


Not booked your holidays or made any travel plans yet this year? It’s really good to get away and if you don’t have much time, then maybe you could take your laptop with you and work while you’re away?

There are many places you could go to, but perhaps you’re looking for somewhere you haven’t been before, somewhere a bit different, and somewhere where you could stay just for two weeks (or a couple of months)? Perhaps you want to go somewhere where you will be nearer to other places which you could go and visit, or maybe you want all of the above and are stuck for where to go. Then look no further. Pack your bags and head to Jakarta. Here’s why…


The Food

Like many cities, Jakarta brings together many different foods, because when people migrated there, they brought with them authentic recipes. However, unlike other cities, it brings together food from all over Indonesia. So, you could be trying many different takes on favorite dishes like satay or nesi goreng.  You can choose from fancy restaurants and street food vendors and either way you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll only get the highest quality Indonesian food. Check out a restaurant chain called Sate Khan Senayan; they’re located all across Jakarta and serve fantastic Indonesian food. International cuisine is also available, so you’ll find anything from French to Chinese food if that’s what you’re after.

The Shopping

Jakarta has the best shopping in the whole of South East Asia and the Grand Indonesia, and Plaza Indonesia are two of the biggest malls you must visit. There are over 150 huge shopping malls though all over Jakarta, and they’re not stopping building them with more and more opening each year. You could actually just go for a shopping trip. You’ll find Indonesian brands and international labels, basically anything you want. There are tonnes of other smaller malls and shopping complexes though selling all sorts of things. If you’re looking for electronic items though and obscure gadgets then head down to Chinatown.

The Weather


With warm weather, all year round, Indonesia and tropical temperatures averaging around 28 – 30 °C every day, the only problem you might have to worry about is rain from October to May. June to September is the dry season and a popular time to travel, but the wet season is still a great time to travel too because there are still loads of things to do. Like white water rafting, or trekking and indoor museums.

The Nightlife

Jakarta is well known for having some of the best nightlife in Asia. You’ll find more expats and locals than you will find tourists here, which is excellent and although it can be expensive, it’s totally worth it. One of the best places to visit is rooftop restaurant and bar on the 56th floor of a skyscraper, called SKYE as you can see amazing views of the Jakarta skyline at night and Cloud Lounge is another really good rooftop bar.

The History

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and it has been through a lot. The old town is a must-see as there are still old colonial buildings which have been repurposed and are now museums and cafés. There is also the old harbor that once serves as the city’s major port; it’s well worth a trip.

The Islands

It’s not all city life, and while Bali is always the obvious place to go to in Indonesia, if you’re looking for a bit of island life, Jakarta’s area covers some of the most beautiful small islands in the country and has its own string of Thousand Islands.

The nearest one is only about half an hour away from Jakarta by boat, and then from there, you could probably hop over to another two or three close by.

You basically get the best of both worlds in Jakarta. And if you were looking at Bali, then think again—Jakarta has everything that Bali has to offer but even more. You can go for just a holiday or make a more extended trip and stay for a few months. You could get yourself an apartemen jakarta at reasonably low cost and live life as a local (or an expat) for a bit to see what it’s like. You’d be close to other places to visit then also so could go over to Bali as well or other parts of Indonesia.


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