How to Experience A Luxury Arrival In Perth, Australia


A city that’s right on the edge of the western coast of Australia, Perth is home to over 2 million people. Most of the best known cities are in fact on the eastern side of the nation, so you’re kind of in an oasis of civilization. Perth thankfully has a lot to offer and can rival cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. For one thing it’s a mixture of beaches and businesses. Tall high-rise buildings in the center of the city are there for commercial offices where businesses do trade with the rest of the country and also take in commerce from international shipping. However, it’s a lot calmer than the other cities because it is such an oasis, far from the hectic fast pace of the east. After travelling so far, you should take advantage of the luxurious things on offer as there’s far less competition for them. Perth has many luxury hotels, spas, resorts and restaurants that you need to get to know.

Arriving in style

The land of ‘down under’ is very far from some of the world’s most important airports. Even with modern commercial airliners, your flight could be 8 or possibly even 10 hours. That’s a lot of time to be sat in a cramped claustrophobic area. So when you land you’ll want some time and space to yourself. So why make things complicated by sharing a coach to a hotel when you can simply hire a luxury vehicle to drive away in? You can book now via to hire some of the best known luxury cars such as the Audi A4 and Q3. it’s a simple and reliable process, so you can be away in no time at all.


Laying back in the Crown

Perth is an amazing place. It has some of the best hotels in the world. They stand out from far away and you can recognize them from many movies. However, sometimes the best jewels are tucked away. There are tremendous spas all around the city but you kind of have to know what you’re after. The Crown Spa is one such example where they offer aqua treatments. Inside you’ll find a mixture of silver and sky blue decor, along with luxury pool chairs to lay back on. You can get a massage from head to toe as well as feet cleansing to soothe your aches and pains. There are therapy rooms where you can get personalized treatment for whatever is bugging you.

Fine dining in the Rockpool

Perth just like it’s rival cities in Australia has some of the best fine dining restaurants in the world. Since you have came all this way, the city wants to surprise you with a restaurant like the Rockpool. Linguini in a rich hearty ragu, braised pork chops with cream butter sauce and delicately fried scallops with fresh lemon and salad are just some of the top dishes that locals and international guests desire the most.Perth isn’t just a normal aussie city. It’s more relaxed than Melbourne and far more luxurious than Sydney. Find a spa and take a load off as well as finishing the night off with some laid back fine dining.  



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