4 Tips for Hosting the Best Summer BBQ

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Hosting an end of summer BBQ in the coming weeks? You may have already purchased the necessary items (and of course sauces), to fire up the grill, but how can you make sure to pull off the best summer BBQ where everyone enjoys themselves as well as the food?

It would be a grill master’s worst nightmare to have a guest take a bite of a half-cooked hotdog, so read on below to learn about tips that will help you treat your guests to a delicious backyard summer meal that will keep them coming back for more. 

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

1. Cook and Store Food Properly

Preheating your grill and cooking food while fresh will ensure that it is safe to eat and tastes great. Keep different food groups separated, specifically the cooked items from the raw. Only unpackage what you intend to cook. Keep uncooked meat and produce in a chilled area as direct summer sun can cause food to prematurely spoil. 

A food thermometer is also a great way to ensure meat is safe to eat. However, if you are unsure of the different temperatures different foods need to be cooked at, then you need to read a review of this wifi bbq thermometer that will help you keep control of cooking temperatures.

2. Spice It Up

No one likes boring food, and no food served at a BBQ should taste bland. Make sure both your meats and veggies are seasoned well with plenty of herbs and spices, and have a plentiful selection of condiments at the ready for your guests. Whether you add them before you cook, or choose to leave the items plain so guests can season it for themselves, a little something extra will improve the taste experience.


3. Expand Beyond Burgers and Hot Dogs

Mix it up a little and give your guests a selection of meats, veggies, and other traditional BBQ dishes. Don’t forget about options for kids, vegetarians, and vegans, too..Create some classic dishes that people can help themselves to whilst you’re tending to the grill. 

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Easy pasta dishes and salads are quick and easy to throw together and taste great with flavourful protein. Stunning finger foods such as stuffed peppers, chicken skewers, or fingerling potatoes are perfect for people to pick at while waiting for the main encore.

4. Create an Atmosphere 

One thing that can really pull the best summer BBQ together is the atmosphere. Put on some popular summer tunes, hang some colourful decorations, and get the mood lighting ready for the night time. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party should stop.

Tea lights, fairy lights and fire pits can help the party live on well after dark. Connecting a Spotify or iTunes account to change things up by playing random playlists ensures everyone has music to enjoy whilst they dine drink, dance, and enjoy the fruits of your labor (i.e. your well-cooked food from the grill).

A BBQ is more than what you put on the grill, especially when you are surrounded by invited family and friends. Taking extra steps to give them a BBQ experience they won’t forget will make all the difference!



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