5 Amazing Reasons to Cook Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.

Cooking is a wonderful skill to develop as there are so many benefits that come with it. Cooking for friends and family members improves relationships, and it’s also great way to cut down on food costs while you customise your meals. Learning to cook outside of your comfort zone also helps you determine your nutritional or dietary needs.

However, learning the art of cooking itself can also be a relatively scary task. You might be prone to sticking to what’s “safe” or “easy” to spare embarrassment or challenge, but there are some merits to pushing the limits inside the kitchen. Check out five amazing reasons to cook outside of your comfort zone below!

  1. You’ll learn new flavour combinations

Cooking outside of your comfort zone can help you learn new flavour combinations and techniques that can  improve the taste of your food. There are many different ways to utilise spices and seasonings. For example, you can mix and match them to create dishes that are unique to you, and even completely alter the taste of dishes that may not otherwise fancy like to make it more palatable.

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.
  1. You’ll understand how to use different ingredients

If you’ve always wanted to cook with seafood and you’re just not sure what spices to pair with your dishes, then cooking outside of your comfort zone can help you learn how to cook with different (and sometimes challenging) ingredients. You can then apply that knowledge to different situations when entertaining or even cooking for yourself to create unique flavours and tastes through experimentation.

  1. You’ll come to embrace different cultures


Cooking things you’re unfamiliar with is a fantastic way to embrace different cultures and learn more about international cooking. For instance, shakshuka is a popular traditional Tunisian meal from the Middle East that is served throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. But what is shakshuka ? The recipe for it involves poaching eggs in a delicious tomato and green pepper stew that is spiced to perfection. Take a look at what the finished product looks like below!

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa.
  1. You’ll impress your friends

If you regularly host dinner parties or cook intimate meals for your friends and family, creating new dishes each time will expand your knowledge (and is also a great way to impress them). It’s even better if you can cook their favourite meals or bake the desserts they love the most!

  1. You’ll conquer your cooking fears

Everyone has an Achilles heel when cooking. Some people hate baking because of how precise the measurements are, and others are scared of deep frying because of oil splashing. Whatever your cooking fears are, it’s important to overcome them in order to expand your skills as a cook and tackle new recipes and challenges. The only way to overcome those cooking fears is to face them head-on, hence the importance of learning to cook outside of your comfort zone. Practice makes perfect!

Photo Credit: Kit Stanwood of www.kitstanwood.com

Cooking is a great way to bring the family together but it can eventually get boring if you’re cooking the same dishes repeatedly. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to branch out in order to expand your cooking skills and the range of recipes you know.

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