5 Ways to Up Your Coffee Game


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The average American drinks around 3 cups of coffee every day, which adds up to a lot of coffee consumed throughout a lifetime. If you’re going to drink that much coffee, why drink a mediocre version? Up your coffee game to make your habit even more enjoyable, and cut out average coffee. 

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Buy Fresh Coffee

Coffee that has been sitting around will begin to lose its notes of flavour, and can taste dramatically different when it starts to go stale. Fresh coffee will taste completely different, with surprising amounts of flavour. Coffee beans are at their best for about two or three weeks. Once ground, keep them in an airtight container, as the coffee will have about thirty minutes of peak flavour after you open the packet. Look for a local speciality shop, and buy coffee with a roasting date on the bag. If you struggle to get through coffee fast enough, try a coffee subscription service like Young Hustler Coffee to have small amounts of quality, fresh coffee delivered to your home every month. 

Buy A Coffee Grinder

Pre-ground coffee loses its freshness very quickly. To preserve the coffee at it’s best, buy whole beans and invest in a coffee grinder. Grind the beans you need just before you make a pot or a cup of coffee. You’ll get the most flavour that way, and the beans will last longer than grounds, as they oxidise slower. 

fresh coffee
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Check Your Water


The tap water you use can make a real difference to the taste of your cup of coffee. If you live in a hard water area, this can mute the natural flavours in the coffee. 

Purified water is better, so invest either in a filter tap or a filter jug that you use for the water in your coffee. You’ll get better flavour both from the plain water you drink and for your coffee. 

Brew Coffee Manually

Drip coffee pots are popular because they’re cheap, but they don’t make great coffee. Good coffee machines make great coffee but they come at a high price. Manual options, like a french press or an aeropress meet a happy medium. They’re very affordable but still make a quality, delicious cup of coffee. 

The bonus of a manual brewing method is that you get more control over the cup. You can adjust the brewing time, the amount of coffee you use, and how fast you pour the water. You get a better drink, made to your liking, and a pleasing coffee ritual as you make it. 

Keep Your Coffee Gear Clean

Dirty gear makes bad coffee. If you own a coffee machine, make sure to give it a full clean regularly and thoroughly to keep it in optimum condition and making great coffee for you. Get a dedicated coffee cleaner to run through your machine or coffee pot, to to soak your manual gear in. 

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