International Travel: 3 Surprising Destinations for Casino Enthusiasts

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For anyone who loves casinos, travel can be essential. More often than not, any casinos in close proximity to where you live will be relatively small, and lack the glitz and glam of bigger properties. But if you’re a casino enthusiast, destinations with sizeable casinos pack entire vacations’ worth of entertainment and attractions into a few blocks’ worth of space. So at some point, if you like to travel and you enjoy this sort of entertainment, you may want to book a trip to one of the true high-end facilities out in the world.

Here are some of the top destinations for casinos that you might want to consider:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

It may be the obvious choice, but we still have to mention it. All along the famous Vegas “Strip,” you’ll find amazing, world-renowned casinos, from classics like The Bellagio and the MGM Grand to newer resorts like the ARIA and the Cosmopolitan. These places are well worth the trip, offering unrivaled gaming facilities, clubs and show arenas, pools and spas, and off-the-charts luxury accommodations. That said, Vegas is for exploration, which means you can also enjoy exploring a few slightly less famous spots that still have the fun and luxury you’re looking for.

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For instance, you might consider trying out the Golden Nugget if you’re looking for high-end table games. If you want to get off the Strip and try something a bit less crowded, a place like the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa still tops most casinos in most other towns (not to mention it has some great in-house restaurants, including a steakhouse and Italian place). And if you’re more into the general amusement of casino properties, as opposed to the games, you can even rove the Strip enjoying the rides.

2. Singapore

Singapore is home to one of the largest and most impressive casino facilities in the world. The Marina Bay Sands gaming area totals about 50,000 square feet, with private gaming rooms, hundreds of different game tables, and thousands of slots. The facilities are all state of the art, to say the least, though it’s also a slightly more expensive place to play games, with the minimum table bet being $25. Still, many would say it’s worth it simply because of the venue itself, which is different (and arguably more beautiful) than any other casino in the world.

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Resorts World Sentosa, meanwhile, is another very upscale option in the area. It’s perhaps somewhat more accessible for those who are eyeing the games, though many also head to Resorts World Sentosa for its luxury rooms and spa facilities, as well as its close proximity to Universal Studios Singapore, where, naturally, there’s plenty more to do.

For those who would like to use Singapore as more of a base but also want to vacation at sea, a cruise is also an option. You should absolutely explore the land-based casinos if you’re heading all the way to Singapore, but an excursion on a ship like the Aegean Paradise Cruise operating out of the city can be a nice way to get away from the foot traffic, enjoy some sea breeze, and still get your gaming fix.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand doesn’t get as much attention as a casino hub, but there’s definitely something to be said for choosing an exotic destination if you’re going to be taking this kind of trip.

For one thing, we should note that New Zealand has some of the most available and impressive online casino activity in the world. Open gambling laws, incredible game variety on a multitude of sites, and easy-to-use casino deposit options make it a breeze to play online. This is noteworthy simply because it can be so much fun to tour New Zealand one stop at a time. If this interests you, you can stay in different towns around the country, enjoying all sorts of unique accommodations while enjoying constant access to legitimate casino activity.

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That said, there are more conventional, in-person options as well, which should certainly be on your list. SkyCity Auckland and Dunedin Casino are some of the best casinos on the islands. SkyCity especially is the biggest and most glamorous option in the country (and actually has a sister casino in Queenstown). It’s located within Auckland’s most noticeable skyscraper, and offers a range of resort attractions in addition to gaming facilities. Dunedin is somewhat more conventional, but still far more impressive than the average venue.

Ultimately, the world is full of casino options that you have to see if you fancy yourself an enthusiast, but these three are a nice start.

Places like Monte-Carlo, Macau, Germany, and the Caribbean are other great spots that you should keep in mind. But you can’t go wrong with a getaway to one of the places outlined above.


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