3 Simple Tips For Traveling On A Budget


One of the most wonderful aspects of travel, is that anyone can enjoy it, even on a tight budget. Travel comes in many forms as one of life’s most important experiences — though sometimes you simply have to lower lofty luxury expectations. Read below for three simple tips for traveling on a budget in the twenty-first century:

1. Book Your Trip Early

Plan upcoming trips well in advance. Whether you’ll be hiking the Inca Trail in Peru or gazing at the Northern Lights in Iceland, booking and organising excursions and transportation early is always smart. While these destinations may sound like they cost a small fortune to get to and enjoy, booking flights and accommodation early can land you some great deals. Utilizing direct airline websites rather than comparison sites can help you get a better sense of off-peak travel times. Many airline websites now have calendar options that highlight the days of the month that are cheapest to travel. Indirect flights at 2 am, while not the most convenient, can oftentimes mean paying less than half the price of a direct flight.

travel on a budget

For your accommodation, head to TripAdvisor and look at the best value hotel lists. This allows you to choose the best hotel for your budget rather than struggling to scrape together funds for a five star room that might not even be that great.

2. Pack Light


When you travel overseas, it’s best to use a front loading backpack for your clothing and kit. Doing so will prevent you from wasting your travel cash on an all new wardrobe when traveling. It is also wise to invest in recycling bags that you can take with you. You won’t have to worry about buying temporary luggage options when overseas, and many non-woven alternatives are more sustainable and durable — perfect for when you are off the beaten trail.

traveling light

3. Go With Friends

Solo travel can be more expensive if the cost of everything falls on your shoulders alone. Instead, go with a friend (or multiple friends) and split the burden of the cost. You might fancy going on a pre-package tour, but organizing your own excursions with another person or even a small group can save you a small fortune. Do your research and travel to tourist attractions via public transit or a car rental company while splitting the cost with friends.

travel with friends
Photo Credit: Kit Stanwood of www.kitstanwood.com

Traveling overseas is exciting, but can get expensive. Planning in advance and traveling on a budget can help you shift as much of your debt as possible while also saving up. Taking advantage of early bird deals, traveling light, and sharing your travel experiences with like minded individuals can create even more memorable trave.



  1. Adam James says

    Thanks for the budget travel tips we are always looking for ways that allow us to travel longer.

  2. Anthony @ Green Mochila says

    We do a lot of Couchsurfing on our travels. This has always allowed us to save money and also to visit places with a local’s perspective.

    1. Alex Booze says

      Hi Anthony!
      Ohhh you know, I have never tried couch surfing! Perhaps I shall change that 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Alex

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