Traveling UltraLight: Simple Packing Tips from a Pro Travel Blogger


For many people who are new to the idea off travel, it’s tempting to throw everything but the kitchen sink into a suitcase or backpack. However, often you don’t need that much, even if you’re taking an extended trip around the world. With the trend of ultralight packing gaining traction, below are four simple packing tips from a pro travel blogger to keep extra baggage fees at bay:

1. Be Strategic

Be strategic when deciding what clothes and accessories to pack for a trip.

While you may think you are already a smart and strategic packer, there are still areas where you can improve. Selecting only items that you know you will definitely use will help narrow down your inventory and lighten up your load. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling for a week, a month, or a year, you can get by on the same amount of clothes. Bring five short sleeve shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of long pants, and seven pairs of underwear and socks. These items will help prepare you for anything — getting soaked in a storm, a heat wave, or manning a cold front. Additionally, you can always wash clothes along the way to keep them fresh.

As for accessories, make the most of travel-sized products that will minimize space in your backpack. It’s not ideal to buy new accessories just for travel, so take advantage of free amenities at hostels and hotels where you can. 

2. Choose Quality Over Quantity


Picking a few quality items over a plethora lot of low-quality ones will make your trip much more comfortable. Whether it’s a collection of luxury t-shirts, or high-quality hiking, camping, and fishing gear by Outdoorcommand, this will last the entire trip and beyond. 

Often, these high-quality items are manufactured with convenience in mind. The materials are lighter but also more durable than dollar store alternatives, too. This ensures your pack will be easier to carry, even if you pack a little more than you planned. 

Most of these high-quality items are also things you’ll wear during activities like hiking, so even if they are a little heavier than you’d like, you’ll not feel the weight of your carry. 

3. Cheat (But Only a Little Bit)

If you still find it difficult to pack light, there are ways to fill your bag with the necessigties without making your luggage difficult to carry. You can invest in vacuum packs or ultralight packing cubes to store more clothes without leaving wasted space between shirts, pants, and other accessories.

As your trip progresses, you can remove, sell, or donate items that you’ve not used. This will make your backpack or luggage lighter everywhere you stop. If you’re a big reader, investing in a lightweight  e-reader is also a way to minimize space and weight. 

4. Be Disciplined

Even if you think you need to bring everything with you for your travels, you can get away with a lot less than you believe. To avoid overweight baggage fees and uncomfortable travel, you must only take what’s necessary. With new knowledge and a little discipline, you’ll realise this is much more achievable than you think. 


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