7 Ingredients For A Perfect Backyard Picnic

7 Ingredients For A Perfect Backyard Picnic


Your backyard may well be getting some sunshine now with the summer dawning through … which means it’s time to go and enjoy the great outdoors! The best way to do this is with a perfect backyard picnic! Whether you have children or not, a picnic is one of the most exciting ways you can enjoy the sunshine. Now, more than ever, the time is now to plan one in advance and pack it in your favorite basket! 

perfect backyard picnic

You need to think about what would make a great picnic for you, and that could include everything on the list below. Below are seven ingredients for a perfect backyard picnic!

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  1. Bring Your Friends. Okay, so whether they are socially distancing in the back yard or you set up  Zoom call for a picnic, you can bring your friends alone. A great picnic needs excellent company, and you need to consider that your friends would love to join in with the food and fun with you, too.
  2. A Comfy Blanket. Even in the summer, the day can be a chilly one if it’s windy. You need to have a comfy blanket to sit on, but another one to wrap around you and feel comfortable, too. Comfortable blankets and pillows honestly make a picnic, as they can make you feel comfortable and happy!
  3. Cold Drinks. A cooler is one of the staples of an outdoor picnic. No one wants a warm drink, whether that’s a bubbly one or a bottle of water. Bringing a cooler outside packed with ice packs will keep your drinks cold for when you want them. You should also consider having your drinks packed in bags not bottles if possible!
  4. The Best Food. There are two kinds of picnics; the ones with curling ham sandwiches and fruit, and the ones with soft pretzels from Eastern Standard Provisions and glasses of Pimms. Picnics need finger foods and you should think about ensuring that you have something savory, something sweet and some nibbles. Oh, and don’t forget the cake. No picnic is complete without cakes!
  5. Music. You can go far with a smartphone speaker to dock your phone and play music as loudly as you’d like. Music can be anything in your playlist and you can enjoy whiling away the hours in the sunshine with your favorite tunes as you eat and drink your fill.
  6. A Basket. Whether you picnic in the garden or in the local park, you need a cute little basket like these ones here. You need to have everything prepared so that your picnic is perfect for you!
  7. Sunscreen. Hats and an umbrella are a must in the garden. Yes, it’s nice to enjoy the sunshine, but you don’t want to burn or overheat at the same time. Sunscreen is an absolute must when you are outside; skincare is so essential and you need to do what you can to care for yours.

The perfect backyard picnic does exist, and with these tips you can make it happen in your own back garden! This is especially helpful with summer approaching, and many people still self-quarantining or self-isolating. 

Have you planned a perfect picnic because of this post? Tell me about the foods you served and who you shared them with in the comments below!

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