Planning a European adventure this summer and only have 48 hours in Vienna? While there are a million reasons why the Austrian capitol city should be on everyone’s travel bucket list this year, below are 48 ways you can maximise a two day trip to the Imperial City!Rooftop view of Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) from Lamée Rooftop Terrace; Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

Side note: it is nearly impossible to hit up all of these recommendations in just 48 hours, but hopefully this list makes that means there are plenty of excuses to make multiple trips! Asterisks (**) indicates personal experience and recommendation.

Where to Stay

Located just steps from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Park Hyatt Vienna is one of the world’s most luxurious and historic hotels. Boasting sophisticated rooms and suites in a former 19th century bank vault, this Golden Quarter gem is sure to make any guest feel like royalty.

All of Park Hyatt Vienna’s rooms and suites contain elegant Viennese furnishings, modern appliances, a flat-screen TV with endless channel options (also in English), a fully-stocked mini bar, and free toiletries in each of the room’s private bathrooms.

The hotel itself also includes a top-notch wellness center, an underground swimming pool, 24-hour reception, free WiFi, and a Viennese-style coffee cafe and a la carte restaurant (jump to the “Where to Eat” section to learn more!)

To book your stay directly with the Park Hyatt Vienna, click here.

Where & What to Eat

Bank Brasserie & Bar’s interior. Photo credit: Alexane Said; Editing: East Coast Contessa
Located inside the Park Hyatt Vienna at the former bank Am Hof, the Bank Brasserie & Bar is an open-show kitchen that offers guests various dining options while surrounded by exquisite Viennese vibes.Serving brasserie classics for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as modern versions of popular cocktails like the cosmopolitan, the menu contains cuisines fit for any palate. Menu favourites are the “Foie Gras Creme Brûlée”, the “Hand-Cut Beef Tartare”, and the “Lamb Ragout”.

While it is possible to dine at the Bank without being a guest at the Park Hyatt Vienna, guests of the hotel can also enjoy an extensive Viennese breakfast with fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, cured meats, and pastries for 37. Side note: the menu at the Bank changes regularly, so some of these items may not be available.

To make a reservation at the Bank Brasserie & Bar for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails, click here or call +43 12274012363.

3. Demel Cafe

4. Naschmarkt

5. Wiener Schnitzels at Salzamt**
Is it even a trip to Vienna without a proper wiener schnitzel? This breaded and pan-fried cutlet of either lamb, chicken, or pork is a true experience. Usually paired with potato salad and lemon wedges, it’s one of the official national dishes of Austria. Rumor has it that the best place to eat this delicacy is at Salzamt, but they can be found in most restaurants around the city.

6. Sacher Torte (one of the most famous Viennese culinary sweet specialties)

7. Sausage from a street food vendor (check out the best places for street food on TripAdvisor!)

8. Viennese coffee (or champagne) at Cafe Am Hof

Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

9. Figlmuller for traditional Viennese food

10. Lamée Rooftop for Violet Spritz**

The “Violet Spritz” and the “Moscow Mule” cocktails at Lamée Rooftop in Vienna. Photo Credit: East Coast Contessa

For striking 360 views of the Imperial City, Lamée Rooftop is the place to go. Nestled on top of Hotel Lamée just a few minutes walk from Stephansdom, this rooftop terrace bar crafts the most perfect fruity and floral cocktails that are true works of art. Menu favourites are the “Violet Spritz (pictured below) and the “Aperol Maracuja Bowle” (rosé spritz).

11. Tel Aviv Beach Bar

12. Egger Beer (at pretty much any bar in Vienna)

13. Traditional Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)

Apple strudel (or Apfelstrudel) is a popular dessert among Viennese. Photo credit: East Coast Contessa

If you’re only spending 48 hours in Vienna, a apple strudel experience is a must. The Master confectioners at Cafe Restaurant Residenz have this dessert art down to a science with their “strudel shows” (yes, strudel show) reveals how to make the super thin dough, how to stuff the filling, and what spices are used in the making. The best part? You get a strudel of your very own at the end! 

14. Tafelspitz (boiled veal or beef in broth)


Where/What to Explore

Photo Credit: Alexane Said; Editing: East Coast Contessa

17. Belvedere Palace

18. St. Stephen’s Church**
48 hours in Vienna is certainly not enough time to see everything, but a stop by St. Stephen’s Cathedral should be on the top of the list. Just minutes from the Park Hyatt Vienna steps, you can find one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Europe: St. Stephen’s. For more than 700 years the cathedral has served as the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. Public cathedral tours are offered daily in German and English, and there are also options to tour the catacombs (see below) and climb the South and North Towers.

The main staircase inside the Austrian Supreme Court. Photo Credit: Alexane Said Editing: East Coast Contessa

24. Hofburg Palace


25. VotiveKirche


26. Austrian National Library**
The largest library in Austria and one of the most stunning in the world, it holds more than 12 million items in its various collections. If you plan to visit, get in the que before it opens each day so you can buy the proper entry ticket from the ticket booth inside.

28. Viennese giant ferris wheel (Wiener Riesenrad)


31. Karlskirche**
One of Vienna’s most beautiful baroque churches, the Karlskirche is located on the south side of Karlsplatz and is surrounded by numerous cafes and street food vendors that are worth a visit. Cost of entry is 8€ for adults and 4€ for children and students.

Photo Credit: Alexane Said; Editing: East Coast Contessa

32. St. Francis of Assisi Church


Photo Credit: Alexane Said; Editing: East Coast Contessa
35. Hundertwasser Village**
Directly across from the Hundertwasser apartments, you can find the enchanting Hundertwasser Village! An old tire factory turned into a myriad of cafes, shops, and a rooftop rainforest, it’s worth exploring.

36. Vienna Zoo


42. Mozart concert at the Viennese Kursalon
Seated tickets cost between 45 – 99€

43. Stroll on a historical walking tour
There are an array of walking tours to choose from during a trip to Vienna, but for those on a budget, the free walking tours come in clutch. Side note: it’s always still a very good idea to tip your tour guide!

45. Take a day tour to Wachau Valley vineyards
If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for awhile, a day trip filled with wine from Wachau Valley is a great choice. Tour company Viator (direct link above) offers multiple trips at varying prices depending on what you’re looking for. Most tours start at $90USD.

How to Get Around the City

46. Vienna Travel Card**
The Vienna Travel Card is a necessity when visiting the Imperial City. Not only does it include free transport from the airport when you arrive, the card also allows children free travel and provides generous discounts to many of the city’s most popular museums, concert halls, and restaurants. You can purchase 24, 48, or 72 hour cards directly from the Vienna Tourist Board website (linked above) starting at 17€.

Photo Credit: Alexane Said; Editing: East Coast Contessa

47. U-Bahn trains


Why Vienna Waits for You (Really, It Does)

From the world’s most delicious cake (remember Sacher torte?) to mouth-dropping sights of cathedrals and libraries, Vienna holds wonders for travelers from all walks of life. With endless amounts of concerts, street food, luxury experiences, and museums, Vienna remains a charming fairytale city that is sure to impress during any time of year.

In addition to the guide to “48 Ways to Spend 48 Hours in Vienna, Austria”, check out my 36 Hour travel guide from my first trip to the Imperial City in 2017 here.

This post was created with sponsorship and support from the Park Hyatt Vienna, Lamée Rooftop Bar, and the Vienna Tourist Board.

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