8 Luxury Products to Ignite Your Inner Wanderlust

So we can’t physically travel right now, but we can dream of the days when we are back in the skies again! Until then, here’s a list of 8 luxury products to ignite your inner wanderlust (and are perfect for birthday or Mother’s Day gifts!)

1. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
ย Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Living abroad means new adventures, new cultures, and amazing cuisines, but sometimes I simply miss the comforts of home. Little did I know that moving overseas would mean I would have to involuntarily kiss these buttery, blissful, full-of-comfort foods like buttermilk biscuits and pimento cheese goodbye.

Thankfully, when I return home for visits with my family, one of my favourite biscuit brands is always there to help me curb my craving: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.

Based in the dreamy port city of Charleston, South Carolina, Callie’s small family of bakers has been rollin’ out biscuits since their doors opened in 2005. For the past two years, I’ve made it a tradition with my mom to whip up an extravagant mother-daughter picnic in the park (this year it was in our backyard!) featuring an array of Callie’s products.

With Mother’s Day coming up, this is a great way to bond — and is the perfect way to get a taste of Charleston without leaving your home! (I wrote a previous post about this in 2018).



Here’s how we set up our backyard picnic:
  • 2 picnic blankets
  • 4 pillows
  • 18 assorted Callie’s biscuits (6 Cheese and Chive, 6 Iced Blueberry, and 6 Bourbon Maple)
  • 1 jar of blueberry fruit preserves
  • container of vanilla Greek yogurt (for blueberry glazed biscuits)
  • a pitcher of lemon-lavender lemonade
  • Callie’s pimento cheese
  • 8 mini croissants (store bought)
  • assorted entertainment crackers (store bought)

The biscuits are quick and easy as they arrive pre-made (you put them in the oven frozen). My personal favourite is the Bourbon Maple biscuit as it was inspired by a collaboration with Louisville, Kentucky’s Pappy & Company for Pappy Van Winkle.

The pimento cheese is to-die-for and is perfect for making mini-sandwiches or as a cracker spread, so make sure you order at least one container.

You can shop available products online (keep the flour shortage in mind), but numerous grocery stores across the country also carry Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits. You can see the closest location near you using their store locator!

In addition to two locations in Charleston, one in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’re sure to get your biscuit fix anytime. Next time you travel to any of these cities, don’t leave a visit to Callie’s off your to-do list.

P.S. — if you know of any place in the E.U. that serves *crispy* and not flimsy bacon, please let a girl know.

2. Conde de Haro Sparkling Wine (Bodegas Muga)
Location: Haro, La Rioja, Spain

I used to have to have a special reason to pop a cork and sip some vino, but these days being alive and healthy seems like enough.ย Since moving to the wine region of La Rioja, Spain in 2019, I developed an even more profound love for wine, and a greater appreciation for the wine-making process.

While the La Rioja province isn’t ranked high on the list of Spanish cities for travellers to visit, it should be. If the posh winery scene alone isn’t enough to draw in tourists, the pinchos (small bites) certainly will.

But I will get to the Spanish cuisine later (trust me!)

The La Rioja province is home to more than 500 wineries. The wine capital, Haro, is the center to it all, and home to one of the most famous in Europe: Bodegas Muga.

Set amongst a backdrop of rolling hills and Spanish sunsets, Bodegas Muga is a family-owned and operated winery. It has produced some of the world’s most renowned wine since 1932. Making all of their own wood barrels, popular blends such as the Flor de Muga Rosรฉ, the Torre Muga red, and the Conde de Haro sparkling white rank high among wine enthusiasts.

Under normal circumstances, the winery allows group tours as well as private tours or visitors. But these days, the wine made on-site is only available via on-line orders and direct shipping.

If you feel comfortable shelling out a couple of hundred dollars to import Spanish wine overseas, it’s worth it. If not, make sure you add La Rioja to your bucket list when it’s safe to travel again.

To learn more about the wine culture and other wine blends offered at Muga, visit their site here.

3. Into the Fog Pinot Noir (Storyteller Wines)
Location: Sonoma County, California, US

Twice the size of Napa Valley, Sonoma County is home to numerous wineries known for their friendly and down-to-earth vibes. The wines that are produced in Sonoma County are often zesty Zifandels, rich reds, or crisp Chardonnays.

One of these wines, is Into the Fog Pinot Noir by Storyteller. A bold, dry red, it has a hint of cherry on the nose with softer hints of cranberries and dark berry fruit. Perfect with red meat, portobellos mushrooms, or chocolate, it’s a perfect indulgent wine to have after a long day.

I learned about this brand through my friends at Corks and Cheers, a wine community that provides amazing ideas for wine gifts, recipes, and pairings.

For Mother’s Day, Corks and Cheers gifted my family an amazing gift box of assorted chocolate, a Mother’s Day wine glass holder (for the bath tub!), lavender bath salts, and some great reads.

To view more of their pairings and cocktail recipe ideas, check them out on Instagram!

4. Diptyque Do Son
Location: Paris, France

If you can picture a magical forest full of all of the world’s best smelling flowers and spices, that’s what a bottle of Paris based Diptyque Do Son perfume smells like.

Now, I’m not one for extremely musty or synthetic scents, which it why I love the Diptyque brand so much. With products ranging from luxury candles to dainty perfumes, and body soaps to body lotions, you simply can’t go wrong with any purchase. With one smell, you’ll be instantly transported to a stroll down the chic and elegant neighbourhood of Paris’ Saint-Germain.

If perfume isn’t your thing, perhaps one of their high-end hand-blown glass jar will do the trick. The delicate scents fill a room with a comforting glow, and each candle lasts up to 60 hours of burn time. My personal favorites are “Oranger” and “Roses” which you can find here.

On your next trip to Paris, make sure to visit their flagship store at 34-Boulevard Saint-Germain. Until then, you can shop their full line of products on their website.

5. Fat and Weird Cookies
Location: Panama City, Florida, USA

These cookies live up to their namesake: Fat and weird. However, they are “weird” in the best possible way! Giant mounds of cookie dough stuffed with delightful filling like candy and jam (and topped with more candy), they are the perfect indulgent treat. I used some of their products to create the birthday cake confetti Dalgona coffee you see below!

A family-owned small business operating out of Panama City, Florida, Fat and Weird cookies are made in small batches each week and revealed on their website each Sunday at 8PM Central. To build the anticipation, they even have a “cookie countdown” when customers can anxiously await the release of new flavours.

While cookies are the stars of the show, don’t pass up on trying one of the protein cookie butters! In cheeky flavours like “Big Bootie Dough”, and “Big Sexy Protein“, you can indulge without feeling too guilty.

Some of my personal favorites are the:


If you find yourself in Panama City, you can swing by their local location to pick up your treats! Until then, check out their website for a list of current flavours and availability of products. They change each week!

6. PureLeaf Jewelry Designs
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Stunning yet simply unique pieces of jewellery is what I’m about. If you’re like me, you’ll want to check out Pure Leaf jewellery designs!

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Pure Leaf makes sustainable, handmade pieces inspired by nature. Each unique piece resembles an actual leaf or seed from Brazil where local families are hired to collect, dry and skeletonize fallen leaves. Afterwards, the leaves are treated and then painted with recycled 18 karat gold or black gold.

These elegant and feminine pieces are perfect to take a simple dress to the next level, or to wear with a comfy travel outfit. My favorite pieces are the Canto Gold earrings and the Poana Gold ring.

If you visit their site to shop their full inventory of designs, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter! For every new subscription, they plant one new tree in Brazil ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Capri Designs, Hand/Carry on Bags
Location: Anywhere!

So, many of us may still be grounded –literally — these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for better days! (Ahem, this means making sure your travel gear is up-to-par and ready to hit the road.)

Capri Designs is an emerging revolutionary brand in the fashion accessory world. They create and assemble fashionable stadium approved clear totes, crossbody bags, and carry alls. In colors like rose gold, platinum, and gold, these bags are perfect for everyday use for on-the-go gals. In an array of sizes, you can pick one (or more) to accompany you on your future travels, or take with you to the office on the first day of that new job.

Recommended bag styles are:

If I haven’t convinced you to purchase yet, imagine how easy-breezy these bags will make walking through TSA security for your next flight. Yeah.

For a full listing of all of Capri Designs’ bags and accessories, visit their website here.

8. Truly Beauty, Skincare Products
Location: SoCal (Los Angeles, California)

Close your eyes and imagine a unicorn, a candy store, and a rainbow all condensed into a 6 ounce glass bottle. While it may not be physically possible, Truly Beauty gets pretty darn close with their line of amazingly colourful skincare products.

For starters, their booty-firming “24 Karat Gold Jelly Tonic” has real 24K gold in it. ย Their Whipped “Matcha Scrub” smells like a freshly poured an iced matcha latte. And their “Unicorn Fruit” lip soothing balm looks and smells good enough to eat right out of the jar.

Other honourable mentions is their velvety CBD “Flower Child” anti-aging cream and the “Acai Your Boobies” boob polish (yes, boob polish).

This vegan, clean, animal-cruelty free, and chemical free brand will win you over with one sniff. Did I mention it will transport you to a warm and sunny L.A. strip with a — you guessed it — iced matcha in hand, too?

Check out their full list of products here.

If you purchase any of these amazing products mentioned in this article and happen to like them, let me know! Here’s to hoping we can fulfill our wanderlust with hands-on adventure soon…

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  1. biscuits are life! I discovered this comfort food dish in New Orleans and been suffering since then! Biscuits are unknown in Canada

  2. Ok I shouldnโ€™t have read this because now my mouth is watering and I really want to pamper myself hahah! Great post, really unique topic, too!

  3. Omg wow. I want to pamper myself with all of these products right now! But, I have to say, those biscuits look divine. And those Fat and Weird Cookies? Well. Sign me up right now!

  4. Omg the biscuits look so good! Fun fact for you, as an Aussie we call these scones. When I first moved to Canada I was so confused with the whole biscuit thing! Haha

    I love that you do a motherโ€™s do thing in the backyard! Super cute

  5. Ok, this post is amazing!! I would love to try those biscuits. I bet they are absolutely incredible. And who wouldn’t love that wine from Spain??? You have convinced me to get my hands on all of these things!

  6. I’m all in for the fog and sparkles! My boyfriend and I are currently stuck in Portugal but we aren’t feeling too bad about it. We got loads of good wine here ๐Ÿ™‚ Great wanderlust ideas!

  7. Oh my gosh that cookie butter has my mouth drooling. I love skincare too, so I will have to check out Truly Beauty products. Especially the boob polish. I am intrigued.

  8. I had no idea you could get Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits anywhere other than Charleston! That coffee you made using the cookies looks divine also. And who can resist wine in times like these!?

  9. I’m ready to go to Panama City to get some of that cookie dough! Checking out their website now these are all great ideas. I love your picnic set up!

  10. I’ve never been to South Carolina but would love to visit someday! This picnic sounds like so much fun! ๐Ÿ˜€ That lemonade sounds amazing and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I definitely want those biscuits too!!

    1. Thank you so much. I am trying to find anyway that I possibly can! haha. You should try the cookies if you live in the US and can get them shipped!

  11. Omg those Fat and Weird Cookies look amazing! Not sure about a see-through bag though, I have way too much rubbish in mine for public viewing!

    1. The cookies are to die for and actually feed 2-3 people per cookie they are so big! I get it with the bag haha. They are only for use when you don’t have anything personal in them! haha

  12. Love all this inspo, I think I need to have a luxurious weekend of dreaming of travel, asap. Those biscuits look so delicious, I wish I could get them delivered up to Canada! Thanks for this great guide.

    1. I wish you could get them delivered to Canada too! Maybe they will change that some day ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the other products you can get delivered though, for sure!

  13. These biscuits look incredible! I would love to try some and have a backyard picnic myself! Picnics are always my favorite way to eat in summer!

  14. This is such an interesting list! Those Fat and Weird cookies captured my attention right away! I’d love to try them someday. Callieโ€™s Hot Little Biscuits look so tempting as well.

  15. I love the look of those biscuits, they look absolutely delicious. It’s such a fun idea to have a picnic in the garden.

    1. I love a good picnic! And I thought it would be a good idea to do it just to get some fresh air since all of us are cooped up inside these days ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. That cookie dough and cookie butter has such crazy names and I am imagining they taste even better than they sound! The biscuits also sound amazing, I’m glad you’re able to get a little taste of home simply by ordering it up online.

    1. Those cookies are HEAVENLY! I also love their cookie butter and it can be used for so many things like spreading on rice cakes or putting it in ice-cream. I hope you try the biscuits too! They really are lifechanging lol

  17. Ooooh, what a great overview of delicious products! I especially like the sound (and look!) of the biscuits. And what a nice Mother’s Day tradition you have! I live abroad so couldn’t visit my mum (and got confused with the dates so even forgot to send a card, whoops…) today but thankfully we could videochat which was at least something ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The biscuits are absolutely AMAZING! I would seriously buy one of all of them if I could! (I mean, I might) haha! I would also recommend their pimento cheese if you like it. I am glad that you got to connect with your mom yesterday!

  18. This post reminded me that it’s so important to spoils ourselves from time to time, especially during these times.

    1. It really is! It’s important to make purchases that make us happy and remind us of happy times (without going over budget, of course) ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. omg the Diptyque perfume is my absolute favorite! I love their candles as well. I burn one in my bathroom every morning while I’m getting ready!

    1. aw thank you so so much! I hope it inspired something ๐Ÿ™‚ My goal was to promote some brands that sell amazing products from some of my favorite cities!

  19. I love how in times when we cannot really travel, we can still bring some of the things we loved most around the world just back home. These are all great ideas!

    1. Exactly! That was my goal with this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to support my favourite brands from around the world even though we can’t travel to their shops!

  20. Omg, your pictures are making me so hungry! I love that we bring travel home with us – so even now when we can’t, we can still dream <3

    1. aw thank you! That’s my goal! haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, we can purchase things that remind us of our favorite places for now, until we can travel again!

    1. Yes! I love backyard picnics ๐Ÿ™‚ They are so relaxing and still enjoyable since you don’t have to travel with a lot of things in the car!

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