Eating Europe: What to Eat in Prague (And Where to Eat It)

Each year, more than 8 million tourists make their way to the Czech capitol city of Prague.

Many make the journey to explore the city’s fairytale castles, cobblestone streets, and the country’s triumphant journey to independence.

But in recent years, an increasing number of tourists have decided to come for an entirely different experience (and some for this reason alone): the cuisine.

Previously, high-caloric dishes with meat heavy components such as duck and pork ruled the culinary world throughout the former Czechoslovakia.

Often accompanied by affordable sides such as bread and cabbage, these ingredients became the very essence of Czech cuisine. While still prevalent on many of the city’s menus to this day, history has fortunately made way for a new food revolution in Prague.

About Eating Europe

Helping more than 20,000 visitors explore Prague’s hidden foodie havens and new revolutions, Eating Europe has become a pioneer in the tourism industry.


Recommended by 99 percent of users on Trip Advisor, their tours showcase traditional Czech dishes and innovative international eats.

Read below to find out more about Eating Europe’s half-day Prague Food Tour and why the company has been featured on outlets like Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Fodor’s.

About the Tour:
Name: Prague Food Tour
Start Time: 12:30pm
Duration: 4 hours
Meeting Point: Outside of Pernickuv Sen (gingerbread shop)
Price: 89 Euros

Stop 1: Pernickuv Sen

The baking of gingerbread in Czechia dates back to the 14th century. The lightly sweet, cake-like bread isn’t just a dessert but a culinary art form. Most prevalent during the Christmas and Easter holidays, traditional gingerbread can still be found in many regions throughout the country.

One of the most popular spots in Prague is Pernickuv Sen (meaning “a gingerbread man’s dream”). At this fragrant haven, guests sample an array of cookies, learn about ingredients and shapes, and shop a wide selection of decorated baked goods.

Stop 2: Bistro Sisters

As Prague continues to grow as an International city, the food scene continues to evolve at an equally astounding rate. A long-standing favorite in the Czech Republic that has taken an innovative turn in recent years has been the chlebíčky, or “open-faced sandwich”.

Bistro Sisters in Prague is among the most renowned spots to grab one of these delicate appetisers. Sandwich selections include favorites like Prague ham, duck and cabbage, roast beef, and whipped goat cheese with beets and walnuts. Order the tasting board with a sampling of Sister’s current offers.

Stop 3: Bistro Spejle

A new phenomenon that has graced Prague’s culinary scene is thanks to Bistro Spejle. Operating under the “skewer system,” Spejle serves food on wooden skewers charging 29CZK per stick. Simple right?

While their main attraction is their buffet of chlebíčky, they offer other Czech staples served small-plate-style. The pork dumplings paired with Kingswood cider or Pilsner is a must. The sweet flavours of cinnamon and marinated cherry goes perfectly with a chilled pivo.

Stop 4: Cafe Louvre

Not far from the Vltava River sits one of Prague’s most elegant cafes. More than 100 years old, Cafe Louvre has served some of society’s greatest minds like Albert Einstein and Hans Kafka. Frequented by locals, its old-world atmosphere has been providing old cafe traditions since 1902.

One of these traditions include the Svickova na smetanê. A tender beef sirloin marinated with vegetables, boiled in double cream, and topped with cranberry sauce is paired with bread dumplings and a slice of lemon. Other recommended menu items are the goulash, and the Kureci peso na pa price.

Stop 5: Créme de la Créme

When most people think of gelato, they immediately think its something that can only be found in Italy. But Prague’s Creme de la Creme gelateria proves that theory wrong by bringing a piece of Italy right to the heart of Central Europe. After studying the art of gelato making in Italy for many years, Honza Hochsteiger, or “Mr Ice Cream” as some like to call him, started whipping up what has quickly become “the best gelato in Prague.”

Visitors can choose from unique flavours such as Lavender, Tiramisu, Salty Peanut, and Dark Chocolate Chilli, among others. For those who prefer fruit-based flavours, they offer sorbet in flavours like Lemon Mint, Forest Fruit, and Strawberry and Thai Basil. (Pro tip: he best combination of flavours are the Strawberry Thai Basil and the creamy Walnut. The combo of fruit and nut is to-die-for!)

Tour with Eating Europe proves there is more to Prague than beautiful architecture and pilsner (though both are important components). Dramatic changes have led Prague to become a destination for adventurers and foodies alike.

To book a tour with Eating Europe, visit their website directly, or book through Trip Advisor here.

**this post was in sponsorship with Eating Europe.

36 replies to “Eating Europe: What to Eat in Prague (And Where to Eat It)”

  1. That all looks so good! I have to confess it’s mostly the beer I remember from my trip to Prague – the banana beer was a particular favourite!

  2. Looks like you found some great traditional but hidden foodie havens! I’ve been to Bistro Sisters before, but it looks like I have a new tour to add to the list when I go to Prague again. Thanks for sharing your experience!!

    1. Bistro Sisters was my favourite! The ingredients they use on the open faced sandwiches are just mind blowing and so fresh. I would also suggest creme de la creme for a sweet finish to any meal

  3. I loved Prague. The food was so good, although your pictures look way better than mine. I must have eaten my weight in gingerbread while I wad there, which granted was at Christmas so it was all around the markets.

    1. I love Prague too! I lived there for a year and definitely ate way too many pork dumplings and gingerbread cookies haha! So lucky that you got to go at Christmas 🙂

  4. Prague is on my bucket list, and your post makes me want to go even more! These photos are amazing, and I got sooo hungry reading this. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  5. Your post has officially made me so hungry. I would love to visit Prague one day, and enjoy some of these great foods, especially Creme de la Creme!

    1. Yay that makes me so happy to hear! I would love for you to visit Prague — it is my favorite European city! If you go and every need additional recommendations, feel free to reach out 🙂

  6. This post has made my mouth water. It all looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the excellent post, it’s made me want to visit Prague next!

  7. Your post made me SO hungry — and I had just finished dinner! 🙂 Great photos and recommendations. I’d love to try the baked goods at Pernickuv Sen and the chlebíčky at Bistro Sisters!

    1. Yay! That was my goal hehe. I would highly recommend all of the restaurants on this tour. It is amazing! If you need any other Prague recommendations just let me know

  8. Yum this post makes me hungry! I have been wanting to go to Prague for awhile and your post is giving me another reason to visit. I like that the tour includes both traditional Czech cuisine and international cuisine. The gelato looks so delicious 🙂

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