Is Albania Worth Visiting? 50+ Helpful Things to Know

Intro: Is Albania Worth Visiting?

Is Albania worth visiting? I’ll cut right to the chase and say absolutely, it is! Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, this beautiful country is a hidden gem that is increasingly capturing the attention and hearts of travelers from all over the world. This small country boasts a fascinating blend of rich history, breathtaking mountains, and a stunning coastline that gives the Greek islands a run for their money. Over the recent years, Albania has transformed from a lesser-known destination into a sought-after travel hotspot.

From the snow-capped mountain ranges and hot springs, to some of the best beaches in the Albanian Riviera, the country’s diverse culture and landscapes cater to pretty much every traveler. As you plan your trip, this comprehensive travel guide will provide you with more than 50 essential tips, recommendations, and insights to ensure you make the most of your Albania travel adventure.

city in Albania overlooking a beautiful blue lake

Is Albania Worth Visiting? The Cost of An Albanian Vacation

If you’re still asking yourself “is Albania worth visiting?” due to budget constraints, I get it. The cost of any vacation is a major factor! However, compared to some other European countries or cities such as Paris and London, Albania is remarkably affordable. Accommodation, meals, and transportation are generally inexpensive, which will allow you to experience a great place without breaking the bank.

Food + Dining Out

To put it into perspective, the average meal at an inexpensive restaurant for one person can cost around 1000 LEK (about $11 USD). A meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant costs around 4000 LEK (about $42 USD). The most expensive meal my mom and I enjoyed was a dinner at the Radisson Collection Morina Hotel for 6100 LEK ($66 USD).

Hotels + Accommodations: Radisson Collection Morina Hotel

Hotel costs range from as low as $36 USD per night for a basic one or two-star hotel, to more than $273 USD per night to stay at the five-star luxury hotel, The Plaza. We chose to stay at the Radisson Collection Morina Hotel, which was $110 USD per night at the time we visited during peak season in October of 2023. There were plenty of other hotel options in Tirana that were much less than this per night, but we enjoyed the location of the Morina Hotel the most. This being said, be aware that prices can vary depending on the location and time of year. During high season (May-June and September – October), restaurants, hotels, and tours in Tirana can be pricier. Overall, an Albanian vacation is a great value for your money, in my personal opinion.

Neighboring European Countries: How to Get to Albania

Albania’s location in the Balkans makes it easily accessible from many neighboring European countries. It’s the perfect spot for extended travel! One of the most convenient ways to visit Albania is from mainland Greece or many of the Greek islands. For example, from Athens, there are cheap and direct flights on Aegean Airlines that bring you to Tirana in a short period of time. My mom and I decided to do this after completing our 8 day Virgin Voyages Greek Glow cruise, and definitely didn’t regret our decision.

Travel websites such as Skyscanner, Expedia, and WayAway offer great deals for flights to Tirana in the months leading up to departure. For example, my mom and I paid $110USD round-trip from Athens to Tirana and back. Whether you’re flying from nearby countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, or Bulgaria, Albania’s location makes it a convenient place to take an extended trip. With its rich history, natural beauty, and strategic position, Albania is undeniably worth visiting as part of a broader Euro or Balkan journey.

An Introduction to Albania’s Rich History

When wondering “is Albania worth visiting?”, you can’t ignore the country’s rich history is a fascinating tapestry. These factors alone make it absolutely worth visiting! It’s history is woven with influences from ancient civilizations as well as recent years under communist rule. Keep reading to find out about a few of them below:

Former Communist Military Bunkers

As you travel through the country, you’ll encounter dozens of concrete bunkers scattered throughout the landscape. They are a stark reminder of Albania’s communist era under Enver Hoxha. These bunkers, once defense structures, now serve as historical curiosities and even art installations. Don’t pass up visiting Bunk’Art 2 in Tirana’s city center. It’s a museum dedicated to the daily lives of Albanians during the harsh regime of the “Sigurimi.” In grave detail, the museum showcases how the harsh political police forced civilians to live in fear from 1912 to 1991. It’s truly moving, but certainly not for the faint of heart given some of the graphic images and artifacts displayed. You can take a guided tour, or pay 700 LEK ($7.50 USD) per person.

Mosques of Albania

In addition to these relics, Albania’s history is reflected in its religious architecture. The country is home to numerous stunning mosques. Most notably, of them are the Namazgah Mosque and the Et’hem Bey Mosque in Tirana, and The Great Mosque in Durres. All three are absolute must-sees if you find yourself in either of these cities during your Albania trip.

There are options to do private or guided tours of The Great Mosque in Durres, and it’s included as a stop on many full day tours from Tirana. The cost to enter Et’hem Bey Mosque in Tirana is free (it’s small) and can be done on your own time. At the time of my visit to Albania in October 2023, the Namazgah Mosque was not open to tours due to political conflicts between Albania and Turkey.

Before you plan a visit to any religious site, be sure to check the prayer times as well as observed holidays as this may impact accessibility and hours of operation.

Alluring Albanian Cuisine: Must-Try Food & Drinks

Albanian cuisine is a surprising blend of Mediterranean and traditional Balkan influences. The food was really a highlight of my trip! From my experience, must-try dishes include:

Byrek, which is a savory pie filled with cheese and olives. The Cevapcici, which are delicious finger-sized grilled sausages, are also perfect in pita bread or with rice and fresh veggies. You also can’t go wrong with any fresh seafood, especially along the coastal regions. It is in these regions where the Mediterranean influence is strong! Try bass, shrimp, steamed mussels, and seafood linguine. 

a plate of popular Albanian food in Berat Albania

To accompany your dishes, try Raki, a potent local spirit. It pairs well with pretty much everything! However, consider yourself warned: it is strong strong. If I am being completely honest, I could only take a few sips of mine. My mom on the other hand, downed hers like a pro. Finally, for a sweet treat, indulge in a slice of walnut cake or yogurt with honey drizzled on top. 

If you prefer something more hearty, try the Petulla. They are crispy fried dough balls often enjoyed as a breakfast or snack.

Is Albania Worth Visiting? Top Restaurants Recommendations

During our 4 days in Albania, my mom and I ate a diet consisting of mostly Mediterranean food. This included fresh seafood, pastries, olives, cured meat, and cooked vegetables. A few of our favorite restaurants that we dined at are below:

1. Antipatrea Traditional Restaurant & Cocktails

This restaurant has an adorable rooftop overlooking Berat, and is located in the middle of the Berat Castle. The menu features traditional Albanian cuisine and desserts, as well as local spirits. Order the Mousaka (a casserole dish similar to lasagna), stuffed peppers, and the Byrek (spinach and ricotta pie). Another great option located in side Berat Castle is Restaurant Klea. It has amazing views!

2. Temi Albanian Food

This restaurant was our first stop in the town of Berat, and we were on the hunt for traditional Raki! We found the Raki, but ended up staying for much more. Not only is the restaurant adorable, dining there felt very much like we were in a traditional Albanian home. We sat outside on the street and ate stuffed eggplant, and baked lamb with yogurt.

a pretty street with stone white houses in Berat Albania

3. Rooftop VX

This gorgeous upscale rooftop bar in Durres is a great place to try fresh seafood, local wine, and cocktails. It’s just a short walk from the center of Durres (towards the beach) and offers amazing views and oftentimes, live music! The best time to go is obviously at sunset, but if you visit at any other time, day or night, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to order the seafood risotto and the goat cheese with honey appetizer!

4. Tartuf Shop

If you’re a lover of all things truffle, you won’t want to pass up a meal at the Tartuf Shop. Not only is it the first truffle company and shop in Albania, the prices can’t be beat! Make sure to order the truffle burrata, the spaghetti carbonara with truffles, and the creamy white truffle new potatoes. Wash it all down with an aperol spritz and then stroll through the adorable market shops after your meal.

Embracing Albanian Customs and Traditions

Embracing Albanian customs and traditions will enhance your travel experience in more ways than one. In Albania, social norms are shaped by a mix of traditional and modern influences.

Greetings + Departures

When greeting someone, it’s common to shake hands. Among close friends or family, a kiss on both cheeks is customary. When departing, a friendly “mirupafshim” (goodbye) is appreciated. Learning a few basic phrases in the Albanian language can go a long way in showing respect and friendliness.

Meal Times

Meals are an important part of Albanian culture, with lunch being the largest meal of the day. Breakfasts are typically smaller meals consisting of bread with butter and jam, fruit and coffee, yogurt and tea, or fresh olives. Dinner is typically enjoyed between the hours of 6-7 PM. If you want to truly dive into the food culture of Albania, you can participate in this traditional Albanian cooking class in Tirana.

a fresh plate of shrimp pasta in Tirana Albania

Smoking Culture

Smoking in public, even during meals, is prevalent. In fact, Albania has the second highest smoking rate in Europe. If you’re someone who has asthma like myself, you will want to be aware of this when walking around or dining out on terraces. This being said, most restaurants indoors I found to be smoke-free, and I enjoyed them with little issue.

Local Currency

The best currency to use is the Albanian Lek. However, Euros are widely accepted, especially in tourist areas. It’s wise to carry a small amount of cash, as some smaller shops and eateries may not always accept credit cards.

Clothing + Fashion

When it comes to clothing, Albania is quite relaxed and modern as one of Europe’s more left-of-center countries. Many Albanians – especially in the younger generation – adopt Westernized fashion trends. It’s only important to dress modestly if you plan on visiting religious sites or smaller towns. For instance, when entering mosques, covering shoulders and knees is respectful. In coastal areas and during the summer, modern casual wear is totally acceptable.

traditional Albanian clothes are on full display in a museum in Prizren Kosovo

Albania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Albania is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites that highlight its rich history and cultural heritage. These historical sites are among the best places to visit in the country, offering deep insights into Albania’s past and its enduring legacy:

Berat Castle

One of the most renowned UNESCO sites is Berat Castle, located in the city of Berat. Known as the “City of a Thousand Windows,” Berat features well-preserved  architecture and historic churches from the Ottoman Empire. It’s a great place to explore Albania’s cultural depth. The medieval castle itself is one of the country’s most famous archaeological sites, and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. There are numerous tours that depart Tirana on a daily basis that include guided exploration of this unique town. The Full Day Berat Cultural Tour including Berat Castle and multiple stops is my personal favorite!


Another significant site is the ancient city of Butrint, an archaeological treasure trove that dates back to the Greek and Roman periods. Situated near the southern coast, Butrint is a blend of ruins from different eras, providing a fascinating glimpse into the region’s diverse historical influences. The site’s natural beauty, set against a backdrop of lush wetlands and the Vivari Channel, adds to its allure.


This Unesco World Heritage Site is known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture, and is well worth visiting. The town is famous for its stone houses and the impressive Gjirokastër Castle, which overlooks the Drina Valley. These sites collectively underscore Albania’s rich history and are must-see destinations for any traveler.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Albania

Albania’s nightlife and entertainment scene offers a vibrant and diverse experience. In Tirana, you’ll find a bustling nightlife centered around the trendy Blloku district. This area is packed with lively bars, chic cafes, and clubs that offer different musical genres. If you’re traveling solo and want to meet people, a super fun way to do it is to book a night time bar crawl tour!

The city’s cultural calendar also includes theater performances, art exhibitions, and film screenings. Tirana provides ample opportunities to engage with its creative community and traditions. A few of the most popular spots include Radio Bar Tirana, the Spy Speakeasy, and Colonial Tirana for a pretty and potent night cap.

Beyond Tirana, coastal cities like Durres and Sarandë come alive at night, especially during the summer months. Beach clubs and waterfront venues offer a scenic backdrop for evening entertainment. As I mentioned above, my mom and I enjoyed having dinner at Rooftop XV, which has great cocktails overlooking the amazing view of Durres. We also enjoyed the live music there.

the amazing nightlife culture in Tirana makes Albania worth visiting

Fun Festivals and Holidays in Albania

Albania’s vibrant culture is showcased throughout the calendar year with numerous festivals and holidays:

National Folk Festival

One of the most popular events is the National Folk Festival, held in Gjirokastër. This festival, which occurs every five years, brings together folk artists from across the country to perform traditional music, dances, and rituals, highlighting Albania’s rich cultural heritage.

Tirana Summer Festival

The Tirana Summer Festival is another major event, marking the start of the summer season with a series of concerts, performances, and street parades. Held in the capital city of Albania, this festival transforms Tirana into a hub of entertainment and activity, attracting locals and tourists alike.

Korça Beer Festival

For beer enthusiasts, the Korça Beer Festival is a must-visit. This lively event takes place in the city of Korça and features a variety of local and international beers, live music, and traditional Albanian food. It’s a great way to enjoy Albania’s festive spirit and taste some delicious food along with refreshing brews.

the beer is a popular drink in Albania leading many to believe Albania is worth visiting

Albania’s Striking Natural Landscapes

Albania has striking natural landscapes that range from breathtaking mountains to a stunning coastline. It’s a paradise for nature lovers! The country’s mountain ranges, including the Albanian Alps, offer some of the most spectacular hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities in Europe. These mountains are characterized by rugged terrain, pristine rivers, and lush valleys.

The Blue Eye

One of the most famous natural wonders in Albania is the Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër). This stunning natural spring is located near the town of Sarandë, and is known for its deep blue color and incredible clarity. The Blue Eye is surrounded by dense forests and is the perfect place for a refreshing swim or to simply marvel at the natural springs. There are plenty of guided tours that can take you to the Blue Hole. Some tours are multi-day hiking tours, while others are one-day excursions that also include stops at the village of Ksamil. You can also visit on your own via taxi. However, just be aware that getting to the Blue Hole itself involves some travel time as well as hiking! There are two routes: one from the town of Theth that takes 6-7 hours round-trip, and one from Nderlysaj village that takes 1.5-2 hours round trip.

Coastal Towns

The coastline is equally impressive, stretching along the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea. The Albanian Riviera is famous for its bright blue crystal-clear waters, the most beautiful beaches, and charming coastal towns like Himarë and Sarandë. These regions are two of the most beautiful places in Albania to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and scenery. There are a number of incredible guided tours to these coastal towns that include local food and wine tastings and plenty of beach time.

view of an Albanian beach, beach lounge chairs, and pink flowers

Travel Tips for Exploring Tirana: The Capital City of Albania

As the largest city in Albania, the capital city of Tirana offers the most hotel options that cater to various budgets. The city is also home to Albania’s largest airport, Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza, making it a great base for your Albanian adventure.

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza

The Tirana International Airport (TIA) is just a 30 minute drive from Tirana’s city center. Numerous airlines provide direct flights to Tirana from multiple cities across Europe including Athens, Vienna, Bari, Turin, Brussels, Istanbul, and London. It’s best to book flights at least 90 days in advance of travel, but can find cheap flight options on sites like Skyscanner, Way Away, and Expedia.

Taxi Cabs + Public Transportation

Exploring Tirana is relatively easy with public transport and taxis readily available. Taxis provide a faster and more comfortable way to navigate the city as Uber is currently not available in Albania. Public transportation in Albania, especially in Tirana, includes buses and furgons (mini buses), which are an affordable way to travel between cities and towns. One thing to keep in mind is that traffic in Tirana can become quite congested during rush hour. I strongly recommend booking private or small group tours rather than driving a rental car ahead of your Albania trip to avoid any uncomfortable situations. This way you can travel in between locations with little stress. You can of course book a cheap rental car if you choose, but my mom and I chose to hire drivers, and it was very relaxing!

Must-See Sites in Tirana

Many use Tirana as a base for exploring other parts of the country, but there’s so much to see and do in Tirana, too! First, the cable car, known as the Dajti Express, is the longest in the Balkan countries at 4354 meters long. The journey to the top takes just 15 minutes each way, and it costs 14 Euros per person. You can’t miss it! 

Secondly, another popular spot for tourists is the National Historical Museum. It first opened in 1981, and is 27,000 square meters in size. Not only is it the most important historical museum in Albania, it’s the most well-documented. The entrance fee is 500 LEK for adults, and 150 LEK for students. 

Another popular spot that many tourists flock to for Istagrammable photos is The Pyramid of Tirana. This former museum and NATO base is now a youth IT center that was newly renovated and open to the public in May of 2023. To see all of these popular sites in one day, it’s best to book a full-day city tour of Tirana led by a local.

Is Albania Worth Visiting? Unforgettable Day Trips from Tirana

Tirana is the perfect spot to use as a base during an Albanian vacation. With numerous modes of ground transportation to choose from, an international airport, and affordable hotel options, you can easily explore the rest of Albania.

The Beaches of Durrës

Durrës is a fantastic destination for those looking to enjoy Albania’s beautiful coastline and vibrant culture. The beaches around Durrës are perfect for relaxation, and the town offers plenty of opportunities to savor fresh seafood at local eateries. In fact, you should definitely not pass up doing a walking wine and food tour around Durres! Don’t miss a visit to the ancient Roman amphitheater, one of the most significant historical sites in the area. This destination is ideal for a day trip from Tirana, but if you wish to fully experience its charm, consider spending a night or two. The combination of beach activities, historical exploration, and culinary delights makes Durrës a well-rounded and enjoyable getaway.

Prizren, Kosovo

This may be surprising, but the country of Kosovo is just a couple of hours drive from Tirana. This is a popular day-trip destination for many travelers. The Day Trip to Prizren Kosovo from Tirana is a great choice. While there have been conflicts in this Balkan country in the past 30 years, it is currently considered mostly safe for foreign travelers. Prizren is the second most populous city in Albania, and is home to the gorgeous Sinan Pasha Mosque, the Prizren Fortress, and the Albanian League of Prizren. Be sure to snap a photo on the famous Stone Bridge, and grab a chicken doner lunch at Beska, located in Prizren old town.

Shopping and Souvenirs in Albania: What to Buy and What to Skip

When shopping for souvenirs in Albania, you’ll find a variety of items that capture the essence of this charming small country:


A must-buy is obviously the Raki – it’s a staple spirit in Albanian culture! Bringing home a small bottle of this potent drink is a great way to share a taste of Albania with friends and family.

Albanian Olive Oil

Bringing home a bottle of Albanian olive oil also shouldn’t be passed up. The government has in recent years invested in new olive mills to increase produce and quality and it shows! A few popular brands include

Albanian Carpets

Another excellent souvenir is Albanian carpets. These handwoven pieces are not only beautiful, but a reflection of the country’s unique craftsmanship. Ensure that the carpet is authentic, as genuine ones are made with natural wool using intricate designs.

colorful Albanian carpets like these make albania worth visiting

Filigree Jewelry

Another popular souvenir is Filigree jewelry. This delicate and intricate style of jewelry-making is a traditional Albanian craft that makes for a unique and stylish gift.

Anything with the Albanian Flag

Finally, items with the Albanian flag, such as tasteful shirts or accessories, are also great souvenirs. Albanians are extremely proud of their flag!

What to Skip

On the other hand, skip the typical touristy items like tea towels and cheap trinkets. These are often mass produced and lack cultural significance.

Is Albania Worth Visiting? Safety Tips for Travelers

Albania is generally a safe destination for travelers and is full of friendly locals. However, like any other country, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions. Here are some safety tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip:

Stay Aware of Your Belongings

Pickpocketing can occur anywhere in the world, especially in crowded places frequented by tourists. Keep your belongings secure, your bags zipped up, and your cash and documents stowed away securely in clubs and restaurants, on public transportation, and in museums or other tourist spots.

Use Licensed Taxi Companies

When taking taxis, ensure they are licensed and agree on a fare before starting your journey to avoid overcharging. My mom and I didn’t encounter any issues except for on our return trip to TIA airport. Our driver tried to charge us triple the agreed upon amount set by the taxi company, and pocket the rest of the money. Sometimes these things can’t be avoided, but it’s always best to be aware!

Stick to Bottled Water

The tap water in Albania is generally “ok” to drink in larger cities. However, it’s better to stick to drinking bottled water if you prefer a better taste or want to avoid potential stomach issues. This is especially true in rural areas. Even the locals prefer drinking bottled water!

Use Reliable Accommodation

Choose reputable hotels in well-known neighborhoods. Check to make sure these properties have recent positive reviews on Google or other travel sites such as, Expedia, TripAdvisor, or Skyscanner.

Please keep in mind that these safety tips are not to scare you. However, by following these safety tips, travelers – especially solo female travelers – can explore the country confidently and hopefully without issue.

Communicating in Albania: Language Tips

When traveling in Albania, you’ll find that English is fairly prevalent. About 70 percent of Albanians speak some form of English, particularly among younger generations and in urban areas. In the capital city of Albania, Tirana, you’re likely to encounter many English speakers, especially in tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants.

However, fluency levels can vary, with many Albanians in rural areas having basic conversational skills rather than complete fluency. Learning a few key phrases can go a long way in showing respect for the local culture. Simple greetings like “Përshëndetje” (Hello) and “Faleminderit” (Thank you) are appreciated and can help in daily interactions.

Is Albania Worth Visiting? Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Albania is undoubtedly worth visiting, especially for travelers seeking a unique and enriching experience. This small Balkan country, with its rich history, striking natural landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers something for every visitor. From exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Berat and Butrint to relaxing on the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring sights to discover.

One of the best reasons to visit Albania is its affordability when compared to other European destinations. It’s relatively uncrowded charm ensures a more intimate and authentic travel experience. Whether you’re indulging in delicious Albanian cuisine, navigating the country’s bustling markets, or immersing yourself in local festivals, the warmth and hospitality of the Albanian people will leave a lasting impression.

So, is Albania worth visiting in your opinion? For those considering their next vacation destination, Albania stands out as a hidden gem waiting to be explored, promising adventure, cultural immersion, and memories that will linger long after you’ve returned home.

FAQs: Is Albania Worth Visiting?

Is Albania friendly to tourists?

In my personal experience, the locals were tolerant of visitors from America. They were willing to help with directions, were polite when serving us at restaurants, and were curious about our political climate. Albanians are known for their hospitality, especially outside of Tirana in smaller towns.

Is it worth it to go to Albania?

Absolutely! Not only is Albania still considered a “hidden gem” of Europe, it’s much more affordable than its other European counterparts. You can experience the perfect blend of nature, city, culture, and cuisine. With plenty of direct flights into the capital city of Tirana, it’s easily accessible from many other countries throughout Europe.

What is Albania like for tourists?

Albania has very pleasant weather in the fall in spring, very hot summers, and colder winters. The vibe in Albania is very relaxed, even in the city of Tirana. Most tourists will find popular sights less crowded during the off seasons, which are the months of December to February, and October to December.

Is Albania Worth Visiting? Additional Travel Resources

Have questions or need help planning an upcoming trip to Albania? Email me at with the subject “is Albania Worth Visiting?” and I will respond within 24 hours!

Want to plan an unforgettable vacation to Europe outside of Albania? I got you covered there, too! Check out my Europe page for travel itineraries and guides for Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal (feat. my recent trip to The Azores Islands!), Spain, and more!

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for all upcoming international trips! My favorite companies to use include World Nomads and Safety Wing. Both offer an array of plan options to fit every travelers needs at great prices.

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- eat dinner at @magnoliaschs. Order the fried green tomatoes and southern egg roll!

𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟑:
- enjoy another breakfast at @hvicharleston! You can order it as early as 6am.
- Board a boat to @ftsumternps. This historic Fort is marked as the spot where the first battle of the Civil W*r was fought. Reservations required. 
- take an Uber to @fireflydistillery to try their Sweet Tea Vodka, Banana Pudding Moonshine, and their Chocolate Pecan Whiskey. Dont pass up a boozy moonshine milkshake (for 21+) and a Rocket Burger from @rocket_burger_chs food truck!

𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟒:
- enjoy an iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich at @carmellasdessertbar (just a few blocks from @hvicharleston)
- stroll through the @charlestoncitymarket. It’s been around since the mid 1800’s!
- eat late lunch at @hymans_seafood. Don’t pass up their hush puppies and crab cakes. They were voted Best in Charleston for a reason! 

Click on the link in my bio to read my full “4 Days in Charleston” guide (yes, there’s more!) on my blog to help you plan the ultimate Charleston vacation.
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