Your backyard may well be getting some sunshine now that we are reaching the end of summer. This means only one thing: it’s time to go and enjoy the great outdoors! One of the best ways to do this is with family over a decadent backyard picnic! To help you plan the perfect experience, below are four key components to create the ultimate summer picnic!

1. The Spread

Sharing quality and delicious food in the comfort of your own home under a clear sky or rainbow sunset is one of the most relaxing and wholesome summer activities. During a time when prioritizing family is so important, I’ve been planning my weekly backyard picnics with quality gourmet cheeses and pantry items from Harry & David.


Harry & David, an American-based company, sells gourmet food and gifts online that can be delivered right to your doorstep! Of the many beautiful products they offer, their gourmet gift baskets, fresh Royal Riviera Pears, and wine pairings are my top picks. I was lucky enough to try their fruit and cheese gifts that came stocked full of:

  • One wheel of gouda cheese;
  • A block of sharp white cheddar cheese;
  • Two of their famous pears;
  • Juicy red apples;
  • A box of three-seed crackers;
  • Jar of peach pepper jam; and
  • Bone bottle of chilled, non-alcoholic, organic Apple Peach Sparkling Juice Beverage.

For the perfect charcuterie spread meant for sharing with three or more people, make sure to bring multiple sized wooden boards that are sturdy enough to hold a significant amount of food. Arrange them in a pattern, spreading out each item evenly so each person can get a taste of the action.

2. The Attendees

Invite the family! Whether you are socially distancing in the backyard, or you set up Zoom call for a digital picnic, you can enjoy a picnic anytime, anywhere. After a great spread, a great picnic needs excellent company, too, to be successful.  Make sure to pick a location that allows for plenty of space for social distancing and comfortable dining. This can be in your backyard garden, at your favorite park, or by your favorite lake.


3. The Extras

Even in the summer, the evening can be a chilly one if it’s windy or after the sun goes down. Bring a comfy blanket to sit on, and another one to wrap around you and feel comfortable, too. Cold drinks are also an essential. In addition to bottled water, a picnic should include multiple beverage choices. Bring a cooler packed with ice packs to keep your drinks cold, especially the Organic Apple Peach Sparkling Juice Beverage from Harry & David! This slightly sweet product of France will have your family refreshed in no time.


4. The Jams

No outdoor gathering is complete without jams (literally and figuratively). You can easily use a smartphone speaker to dock your phone and play music as loudly as you’d like (you’re outside away from others, after all!) Music can be anything in your playlist and you can enjoy whiling away the hours in the sunshine with your favorite tunes as you eat and drink your fill. Don’t forget to add a little jam to your crackers and sandwiches in the form of Harry & David’s Peach Pepper jelly! It’s perfect with Three Seed Crackers or glazed over your favorite grilled meat like pork chops or chicken breast.


The ultimate summer picnic does exist, and with these tips — and the perfect spread from Harry & David’s — you can make it happen in your own backyard. This is especially helpful with summer approaching, and many people still self-quarantining or self-isolating.

Purchasing Harry & David Products

Have a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special occasion coming up? Harry & David products are available all year long and at multiple retail locations nationwide. You can explore more of Harry & David’s full selection of gourmet gift baskets, wines, fruits, and spreads here.

Have you planned the ultimate summer picnic because of this post? Tell me about the foods you served and who you shared them with in the comments below!

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