Celebrity chef and former cooking show television host Paula Deen once said she “had a lot of secret uses for sour cream.” In fact, she claimed it’s the magic ingredient in her mac n’ cheese – one of her first and most popular recipes. “It’s an old-timey, Southern version, and the sour cream makes it that much creamier!” she said.

Paula might add sour cream to her mac n’ cheese (and we don’t blame her one bit), but we decided that we could have the best of both worlds and use our Dean’s® DairyPure® All Natural Sour Cream to spruce up the guacamole that we place on our heart-healthy avocado toast. Decadent but moderately guilt-free, Dean’s adds a creamy and flavorful flair to our favorite brunch treat.

The best part? It’s simple and quick for those on the go, and these days, who isn’t? All one needs is a few slices of multigrain bread (or bread of choice), avocados, select toppings, and 2 tablespoons from a 16 oz. container of Dean’s DairyPure All Natural Sour Cream.

While some might think that any sour cream will do, Dean’s is special. Dedicated to delivering the freshest, creamiest, and most wholesome products, they’ve become a trusted dairy brand for more than 75 years. And trust us when we say it’s not just good for avocado toast – it’s a perfect addition to creamy soups, tacos, chili, baked goods, dips, and more!

Read below to see our recipe for Sour Cream “Bravocado Breakfast Toast,” and other dishes we think would benefit from a dab of Dean’s!


Recipe for Sour Cream “Bravocado Breakfast Toast”


For the guacamole toast:

2 tablespoons of Dean’s DairyPure All Natural Sour Cream

4 slices of multigrain our sourdough bread (or bread of choice)

2 small, ripe hass avocados

A dash of salt and pepper


For the toppings:

1/4 cup of dark cocoa granola

1/3 strawberries (pitted and halved)

1/3 cup roma tomatoes (sliced)

1/3 cup smoked and sliced lox (salmon)

1 tablespoon canned capers



For the Dean’s DairyPure All Natural Sour Cream Guacamole:

  1. Cut the avocados in half, scoop out the flesh with a spoon; mash 3/4 of it well and chop the remaining 1/4 coarsely.
  2. Mix it into the mashed portion in the medium sized bowl
  3. Mix in Dean’s DairyPure All Natural Sour Cream along with the salt and pepper
  4. Serve immediately, or cover with plastic wrap, pressing wrap firmly to surface of guacamole (this prevents the leftover guacamole from turning brown). Keep leftover portion refrigerated.


For the toppings

***Mix and match toppings as desired, but we followed these pairings:

  1. Top one slice with turkey bacon bits and cracked peppercorn
  2. Top one slice with halved strawberries and dark cocoa granola
  3. Top one slice with halved roma tomatoes, pink himalayan salt, and cracked pepper
  4. Top one slice with smoked and shaved lox and a small handful of capers.


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