There are plenty of beautiful luxury hotels in the world, but beauty and luxury are only a small part of what makes a guest’s stay truly memorable. For the team at the Melrose Georgetown Hotel, a special emphasis to details and quality have kept guests coming back time and time again for years.


Located in one of D.C’s most lively neighborhoods, the Melrose Georgetow Hotel has received multiple accolades in some of the world’s top travel publications.

It has been named by Conde Nast Traveler as the “No. 8 Most Beautiful Hotel in the U.S.” and the “No. 2 Most Beautiful Hotel in D.C.” Architectural Digest named it “The Most Beautiful Hotel in Washington.”

It is also steps from dozens of local shops and eateries, and a short taxi ride or metro ride to downtown D.C.


Upon entering the spacious and welcoming lobby, scenes of modern and elegant decor boldly contrast against pops of gunmetal grays, indigo blues, Cinnabon, and currency green.

These patriotic power colors reflect the American heritage of the Capitol city it calls home.

Guests also have an array of literature at their fingertips as well as semi-private alcoves and play nooks to enjoy them in the hotel’s lobby library.

After reading the daily paper and grabbing a glass of champagne at the lush lounge, I quickly checked in and went to check out the digs before a scheduled dinner at Melrose’s signature restaurant, Jardenea.



In sponsorship with the Melrose Georgetown, I recently experienced a staycation in one of their Executive King Suites — 600 sq. ft. of pure elegance.


Featuring a living room with a 42 inch flatscreen and an L-shaped sectional sofa, it also provides guests with s separate bedroom with a King-sized Serta pillow top bed for a dreamy night’s sleep.


Within seconds of entering the room, it just felt different…comfortable and plush.


The acrylic and contemporary artworks popped against shades of grey while ample lighting perfect for busy business travelers danced overhead.

The wallpaper in the suite’s study above the writing desk was a replica of the Declaration of Independence adding to the room’s patriotic charm.


The bathroom was spacious and luxurious with black granite counters and Molton Brown toiletries.

Odes to some of America’s favorite historical figures gave regal stares from all corners while pops of bright hues of orange and greens gave the living room a slight preppy vibe.

The hotel staff had generously set my favorite wine and dessert (merlot and macarons) out on the table, so after a quick nibble I made my way down to the lobby to kick off dinner plans.



Jardenea, Melrose’s signature farm-to-fork restaurant places the highest importance on providing dishes that use sustainable and quality ingredients — and the proof is certainly in the pudding…and the puree…and the pancetta (you get the point).


Derived from the French word “jardin” meaning garden, the menu reflects each of the four season’s freshest flavors.


Featuring menu items for vegetarians, pescitarians, and carnivores — in addition to a stellar cocktail menu — Jardenea is perfect for a relaxing dinner or a quick happy hour with old friends.

For starter spirits, I sipped on just about every cocktail on the menu (11 in total, don’t judge!). My favorites were the “Stoli Doli” with Pineapple infused Stolichnaya Vodka, mint simple syrup, and lemon juice, followed by the “Espresso Martini” with Patron XO, Kahlua, Baileys, and Espresso for the most decadent dessert drink.


For the four-course meal, we had an array of fresh seafood and game, starting with the “Lobster BLT Salad” with chunks of fresh Maine lobster over a bed of avocado puree and topped with thick cut crisp pancetta (pictured below);


and the “Coriander Dusted Soft Shell Crab” placed over a sea of sweet cream corn, sautéed baby spinach, and blistered grape tomatoes (pictured below):


Insider tip: I love seafood but it is extremely difficult to find a soft shell crab cooked the right way in DC. This dish comes highly recommended.

For the main courses, the Jardenea chefs served “Pan Seared Wild Salmon” with saffron celery root puree, leeks, fresh dill, and seasonal squash (pictured below);

and “Maple Leaf Smoked Duck Wellington” with cherry wood smoked duck, grand marnier glaze, and dried currants (pictured below):


The duck is recommended for those who enjoy richer flavored meats compared to fish, the duck or the spiced lamb rack are perfect choices.

As for dessert options nothing on the menu is a bad choice. I opted for the classic “Caramel Creme Brûlée” topped with fresh berries and the “Warm Dark Chocolate Lava Cake” with vanilla bean spek ice cream.


The treats paired perfectly with a night cap (and don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of this myself even though I wanted to!).

With a full stomach, I returned to my room to relax on the comfy sectional sofa and watch some re-runs of my favorite show before turning in for the evening.

I poured out a glass of merlot, snacked on a couple more macarons, put on my pajamas, and crawled into the heavenly oasis that was the king bed for a wonderful night of uninterrupted rest.


To learn more about the Melrose Georgetown Hotel’s amenities and to book a room for an upcoming visit to the nation’s capitol, click here.

To make a reservation at the Melrose’s signature restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner, or happy hour, and to view the restaurant’s hours of operation, click here.

**This post was created in sponsorship with the Melrose Georgetown Hotel**

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