From palace hopping to sweeping views from the third tallest building in the European Union, the bustling city of Berlin has something to offer for travelers on any budget. Below you can find insight into the top 11 things to do in Berlin, Germany that should be included on every itinerary: where to stay, where to sightsee, and where to eat — no matter how short or long your stay.


1. Book a Stay at The Grand Hyatt Berlin

When thinking of things to do in Berlin, Germany, does staying at a five-star luxury hotel come to mind? lodging experience in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district? In Potsdamer Platz, Grand Hyatt Berlin offers sweeping views of the city skyline and a lush rooftop spa. In addition to the spa, other amenities include:

– chic and elegant upscale rooms;
– free WiFi;
– 55-inch flat-screen TV’s in each room;
– a minibar in each room
– luxury local bath amenities; and
– the option of room service.

If you prefer to upgrade, suites include all of the above as well as kitchenettes, access to the club lounge and spa, and 24/7 room service.

2. Relax with Spa Services Offered at Grand Hyatt Berlin

After check-in, take the private elevator to the top floor to access the Club Olympus Spa and Fitness center for a sweat session at the gym or for an award-winning treatment. While I chose to experience a body wax and eyebrow thread, other services offered include:

– facials;
– full or partial body massages; and
– mani/pedi packages.

A full day admission pass includes a healthy Bento lunch box, plush robe, towel service, and unlimited tea, coffee, and water. For a full list of Club Olympus Spa’s services and amenities, click here.

3. Indulge in Global Cuisines at Grand Hyatt’s Restaurants

After a relaxing day at the spa, take the elevator down to the main lobby. Here, you can also indulge in  unique global dining experiences at the Grand Hyatt Berlin.
First, Tizian, is an cozy Italian eatery with a crackling fire place and an impressive list of fine wines. This lies adjacent to the main lobby.

Take a few steps down the hall to Grand Hyatt Berlin’s renowned restaurant, Vox. In addition to international wines and cocktails, enjoy innovative Asian cuisine made from regional ingredients. This includes sushi, sashimi, and premium sake. To satisfy your sweet tooth, order Vox’s stuffed “Chocolate Ball” filled with banana, passion fruit, peanut, and chili. Pour on a generous amount of warm chocolate sauce and watch it open before your eyes!
For a quick night cap, step across the hall to the Jamboree Bar.  Order a premium craft cocktail while you take in the electronic tunes and edgy vibes. The “Golden Colada” that is served in a copper pineapple is a perfect choice.

In the morning, step across the hall to Vox to make yourself a plate (or three) from Grand Hyatt’s breakfast buffet. Guests choose from a variety of egg dishes, crisp bacon, cured meats, fresh fruits, cereals, cheeses, and both grilled and raw veggies.

4. Explore Berlin’s largest surviving royal palace

Constructed at the end of the 17th century, the lavish Baroque and rococo style of the
Charlottenburg Palace is one of the most frequently visited palaces in Germany. It is rightly named
in honour of Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia and wife of King Friedrich
I. It now stands as the oldest (and most beautiful) palace in Berlin. Tour the New Wing of the
palace an hour before closing time. Cost to tour is $10 Euros.
The staterooms — including the stunning rococo ballroom (Golden Gallery) — will be essentially empty, for the perfect shot. In good weather, stroll through the English-style Palace Park located on the grounds.  Fresh floral scents and views of the mausoleum the Belvedere tea house are worth it.

Pro Tip: Prior to your visit, invest in a Berlin Welcome Card from VisitBerlin. This card provides free public transportation, special discounts to museums and parks, and hundreds of restaurant, sightseeing, and shopping recommendations.

5. Take in Panoramic at the Famous TV Tower

To take in some of the most sweeping views of Germany’s capitol city, the Berlin TV Tower
won’t disappoint. Known as the “Fernsehturm,” the structure was built in the 1960’s and used to be the tallest in the world. It now stands as the third-tallest structure in the European Union.
High-speed elevators take visitors straight to the top. Here, grab a cocktail on the observation deck at Bar 203. Afterwards, follow the staircase up one level to the Sphere Restaurant for a quick bite and the best views.

How to Purchase Tickets:

Tickets are available online or at the ticket counters and machines on location. It is recommended to buy the “Fast Track” ticket in advance of your visit. Arrive when the tower first opens to beat the lines at the observation deck. To view ticket prices and hours of operation, click here.
Pro Tip: Don’t have time to visit the TV Tower? Head to the  grassy rooftop terrace at the Grand Hyatt Berlin’s Club Olympus Spa for a view of the TV Tower and a sunbathing session.
6. Stroll Down the Iconic East Side Gallery

It’s still possible to take a step back in time during a journey down Berlin’s East Side Gallery. Located near the Ostbahnhof railway station on the banks of the Spree river, this open-air gallery is the longest in the world at 1316 meters. Since opening on September 28, 1990, 118 artists from 21 countries have contributed works of art to its storied slabs.
While there are a number of captivating works of art showcased, the most iconic remains Dmitri Vrubel’s “Fraternal Kiss” painting. You’ll find this painting 200 meters to the left of the Mercedes Benz Arena.

7. Grab Traditional Currywurst at Curry 61

Most claim that it’s not a trip to Berlin without a round or two of currywurst — and that’s the honest truth. There are plenty of roadside street vendors and takeout restaurants where you can try this traditional German fast-food delicacy. However, my favorite is Curry 61.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with what currywurst actually is, it’s steamed-then-
fried pork sausage. To take it a step further, it is cut into bite-sized chunks and generously topped with curry seasoned ketchup sauce.
Curry 61 offers the signature pork sausage dish, as well as a vegan version that is equally as delicious. The best part? It can be made extra spicy! A hearty serving with crisp fries and an ice cold Coca Cola is the perfect lunch. In fact, in costs less than 10 euros.

8.Take in the History of Brandenburg Gate

We couldn’t write an article recommending the top 10 things to do in Berlin without including a visit to the iconic Brandenburg Gate. While it is usually the first stop listed on any itinerary (and for good reason), we’ll tell you exactly why it should be there.
A pinnacle 
of the Berlin’s turbulent past, it is the city’s only surviving gate. To this day, it signifies a unified Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. More than 200-years-old, it’s glowing sandstone continues to represent the most beautiful Neo-classical architecture. The grounds of the Brandenburg Gate never close, so arrive to the location a few minutes before sunrise to enjoy the views without the crowds.

9. Satisfy Your Sweet tooth at Brammibal’s Donuts

Want to satisfy a sweet tooth without the added sugars and fats? Brammibal’s Donuts are a great compromise. A vegan bakery specialising in vegan donuts and coffee, the bakery rotates its flavours each season.  Order staple flavours like cherry-filled “Frankfurterkatz” donut and the “Irish coffee” donut soaked in coffee liquor.

Pro Tip: Brammibals is located directly across the street from the side entrance to the Grand Hyatt Berlin on Alte Potsdamer Street.

10. Sip a Tiger Nut Milk Latte from Hermann’s

Some may think that coffee is simply coffee in any form, but not when it comes to the Tiger Nut Milk Latte from Hermann’s in Mitte. Soldiers during WWII would carry the vitamin E and iron-packed African superfood in their rescue packs.
Today, Hermann’s uses the gluten-free veggie to make lattes and other milk-based beverages. Steamed and topped with fresh ground cinnamon, we think it’s the sweetest perfect mid-morning pick-me-up.

11. Catch a Sunset at Teufelsberg Spy Station

A 20-minute drive outside of Berlin’s city center, a golf ball-like structure interrupts the city’s skyline. Once serving as an American spy station during the Cold War, Teufelsberg today stands in ruins, though still hauntingly beautiful.

The now abandoned location began as a man-made mound of rubble and dirt. However, in
the early 1950’s it was transformed into a listening station to intercept espionage communications. It was finally made into an air traffic control center until 1999.

Today, it is a popular destination for tourists, photographers, and social media influencers hoping to catch a sunset from one of the property’s many radar domes. To round out your Berlin adventure, arrive at Teufelsberg an hour before sunset to claim your spot for the perfect view.



With so much history, architecture, international food, and breathtaking gardens and parks, it can be difficult to decide what to include in your Berlin itinerary. If you’re a fist-time visitor, hopefully the above tips for the top 11 things to do in Berlin serves as a helpful guide for your upcoming trip. Make sure you check back in the coming weeks for more Germany destinations guides and reviews.

***This post was created in sponsorship with Grand Hyatt Berlin and Visit Berlin.

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  1. Anna says:

    The Grand Hyatt Berlin looks amazing! Sadly I didn’t experience any of these while I was there except the Brandenburg Gate. I need to plan a return trip soon!

    1. Alex Booze says:

      It was truly a luxury experience! I would go back 100 percent. Many happy memories made in Berlin. 🙂 I hope you get to go back soon!

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    So beautiful I can’t wait to one day visit my brother in laws fiancé there!

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    I love Berlin! I’d usually go there every May for a big annual international music event, but obviously couldn’t go this year :-S With each visit, I appreciate the city even more. There are so many things on your list I haven’t done though! The former Teufelsberg spy station has been on my list for years, but it always seems so far from the city centre and until recently it also wasn’t really clear if you could visit legally or not. But it’s definitely something I’d like to do! As an alternative, we went on an underground tour last year, quite literally as it was in the secret nuclear war bunkers of several metro stations which you would never know about otherwise, really cool and also a great tip 🙂

  12. roshni says:

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      It is a great city! I found something new to do each time I went! I spent a lot of time there while getting my European visa 🙂

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