U.S. Travel: Kentucky’s Big Roots Lavender Farm

It’s a quiet morning in Hawesville, Kentucky. So quiet that I can only hear the chirp of spring’s newest batch of robins and the faint buzz of honey bees at Big Roots Lavender Farm.ย There is no breeze, just the stagnant Kentucky summer air that forms beads of sweat on my face and arms.


If you get the idea that I am an avid outdoor gal, you would be wrong. I am anything but. But on this particular day, I’m hoping to change that.

In the distance, I see a tall figure coming down the hillside towards the farm. Flanking both sides of it, the shadow of two large dogs. They spot me and run excitedly to scope me out, as if I am there to see them and only them.

The figure in the distance is Erin Ramsey, a sought after inspirational speaker and owner of Big Roots. Today, I am here to pick lavender for the first time, but also to hear about Erin’s journey in combining her life as a loving wife and mother with that of a “grower of peace.”


The “Big” Journey to Big Roots Lavender Farm

The story of Big Roots Lavender Farm began on September 10, 2016. Erin and her husband were living in Evansville, Indiana in a gorgeous, newly renovated historical home. Life was good, and Erin was happy. But she had dreams of something even bigger…literally.

After a family meeting with her four children, daughter in law, and grandchildren (and numerous dreams where she watched the name “Big Roots” flash across a computer screen), they collectively agreed to dive into lavender farming.


After three-and-a-half months of farm and house hunting, the family settled on Hawesville. They quickly packed up their belongings in Evansville, sold their historical home, and took what Erin refers to as “inspired action”. Here, they would all live under the same roof in a comfortably-sized house right next to the farm’s property.

Nearly four years after the initial brainstorm, Big Roots Lavender Farm still serves as a popular gathering for locals and visitors from states across the U.S. And it’s not just because of the lavender.

Picking the Lavender

Nearest to the main building, sits Erin’s prized French Grosso lavender. This hybrid is large, scentful, and blooms in a deep blueish purple hue. In the back, nearest the barn, lies the English Folgate blooms. Though smaller than its French counterparts, they bloom in neat, erect bushes omitting a beautiful bright violet hue.

I grab a pair of scissors from a tin bucket and throw them in a wicker basket a bought at a flee market. Erin explains that it’s best to cut each strand of lavender an inch or two above the bottom stem or “the brown part”. Flowers are a lot like people — they need to be shown love and affection, too, in order to grow.

The act of picking lavender is not as easy as it looks. I get tired after bending over to pick strand after strand, and decide to sit down in the grass to finish filling my basket. Soon after, a lady bug finds a perch on the end of a blade of grass to join me.


At least seven different varieties of butterflies (I counted), flutter past, quickly hopping from flower to flower. I try to capture the moment, but they are camera shy.

Attractions at Big Roots

Aside from its two types of lavender, the farm has other noteworthy attractions. A bright purple poe barn lies parallel to the farm’s main building across the lavender fields. On the front, a logo with three flower buds represents the family’s three generations of farmers.


At the heart of the farm, lies one of Erin’s most prized creations: the labyrinth. Here, visitors can create their own memorable spiritual experience. Surrounded by bushes of Folgate lavender, participants partake in walking meditation.


How it works: Entering the labyrinth, the mind is cleared to only focus on thoughts, emotions, and material items that need to be left behind. Once reaching the center, many leave small tokens to symbolise the thing or things that no longer serve their lives. After a short prayer or meditation, they walk back out the way they entered.

Erin allows visitors to leave any item they wish. However, she also provides small stones for those who want to participate yet have nothing on hand. These items are respected and never touched or removed.

I myself take a deep a breath and step into the labyrinth. I hold a heart-shaped stone that I picked out of Erin’s flower pot. Making my way to the center, I focus on the one thing that no longer serves me in my life: doubt. I carefully set the stone down amidst the pile of other belongings people before me left. These items include wedding rings, makeup, keys, and stones. I say a short prayer, and slowly walk back out the way I came. I instantly feel weight melt away and a sense of renewed peace.

Inside the farm’s main building, Erin offers yoga and meditation sessions, lavender wreath building classes, full moon ceremonies, women’s retreats, professional facilitation classes, and butterfly classes. She also sells handmade lavender bath and beauty products made offsite. These items include lavender scented body mist, body butter, essential oil, goat milk’s soap, and linen spray, among other items.

Offerings and Hours During COVID

Though times have certainly changed in recent months, the spirit of Big Roots Lavender Farm remains as steady as the hands that built it.

While Big Root’s yoga and meditation classes are on hold due to social distancing guidelines, the “U pick” option is still available through June and July. Interested guests can reserve a time slot online to visit the farm and pick a bundle during a private session. The cost is $25 per session.


Handmade beauty products are also still available for sale on Erin’s online shop for those who can’t visit in person. Full pricing and details of gift packages and individual items can be found here.

A place nothing short of magical, Big Roots Lavender Farm is an experience not to be missed if you find yourself traveling through the Bluegrass State.



Have you visited a lavender farm yet? If so, tell me about your experience in the comments below!

To learn more about Erin’s work or to place an order for one of her inspirational books, visit her website here.

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37 replies to “U.S. Travel: Kentucky’s Big Roots Lavender Farm”

  1. What a beautiful place! I love lavenders so I would love it here, definitely adding this to my huge US bucketlist!

  2. I can smell the lavenders from your beautiful photos! ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to visit this place, I love lavender farms!

  3. Such BEAUTIFUL photos! I love lavender and going to a lavender farm like this must be (and smell) amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I know Provence is known for their lavender fields but did not realize there were also places like this in the states!

  4. I’ve wanted to visit a lavender farm since I moved to the US! This one looks absolutely gorgeous (and I love your dress). I can’t even imagine how lovely it smells out there!

  5. This post makes me happy! I can’t believe I have never been to a lavender farm. Purple is my favorite color. I know there is one in Santa Barbara County but I can never time my visit at right moment.

  6. This is a unique blog post! I have never been to a lavender farm, but it’s on my list. It looks very pretty and dreamy. I really like the story behind this farm and the experiences you can have there. I hope I can visit this place one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love lavender. I always think of France when I think of lavender fields, but I know there are more options out there, closer to home. This is a great post. I would love to go here. Also a labyrinth of lavender, that’s one I won’t want to solve quickly

  8. This looks so pretty! I love the family story and that they offer so many other attractions apart from just the lavender! I would love the yoga. It seems like such a peaceful place to zen out!
    Itโ€™s nice to hear they are still operating during the pandemic. Sadly the current situation has put many out of business so nice to hear this is still going!

  9. Aww, I love lavender farms too, just seeing your photos makes me imagine that sweet lavender smell.

    It’s really nice that this farm places so much emphasis on relaxation and meditation with things like the labyrinth, It all seems appropriate as lavender is such a relaxing scent.

  10. I already have a big bucket list for when I make it to the US, but I will have to add this. The lavender looks amazing, I love lavender farms. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What a beautiful image of Big Roots Farm! I have visited and you walked me through my experience again as you shared your journey. Everyone should make the trip and it embodies the peace that Erin and her family have deposited in their labor of live.

  12. So jealous! It’s not quite lavender seasons here yet (New Zealand) but I’m itching to get back to those fields! I love that they let you cut some yourself, they’re not that trusting here yet haha

  13. I loooove lavender farms. There are some great ones here in Korea too. The next time Iโ€™m in Ohio for a summer though, I think I need to head to Kentucky to check this place out. ^^

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โœง Chattanooga boasts one of the largest collections of American art in the country at the Hunter Museum. 

โœง One of the world's longest pedestrian bridges can also be found in Chattanooga.

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