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We produce custom written articles with photos and links to specified websites and/or products. Content and partnership must align with the East Coast Contessas brand and audience interests. Includes cross-promotion on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) the day of scheduled post.

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Freelance Photography

Looking for a photographer? We offer a full range of photography services including special occasions, grand openings, portraits, landscape, and more. Email us to discuss project details, prices, and packages.

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We partner with consumer brands and restaurants by featuring special giveaways and discounted prices for meals, services, and products. Content and giveaway must align with the East Coast Contessas brand and audience interests. Contact us to discuss giveaway guidelines and ideas.

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We craft customized and targeted social media, blogging, and brand partnership strategies tailored to help you reach major milestones throughout every phase of your blog’s development.  Contact us to learn more about prices.

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We work with tourism boards, travel companies, and hospitality brands to promote the most beautiful and sought after vacation destinations around the world.

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 For queries regarding sponsorships or collaborations, please email eastcoastcontessas@gmail.com.



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