Close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting at an alcove on the Mediterranean coast. The warm breeze is blowing, the smell of salt water flows through the air, and warm plates of fresh marinated veggies and dips are laid out before you.

While this would seem to be the perfect dream, what most people fail to realize, is that it is anything but. Thanks to Reese Specialty Foods, consumers across the globe can enjoy their specialty yet affordable products in the comfort of their own kitchens. In fact, Reese was the first specialty brand to leave specialty shops and move exclusively into supermarkets in the late 1960’s.

Using only the highest quality ingredients from different corners of the world, Reese Specialty Foods has consistently been America’s most trusted names in the gourmet food business for almost a century, which is why we were thrilled to have an opportunity to collaborate with them to promote one of their most popular items: Reese Artichoke Hearts.

Known as a delicacy around the globe, Reese Artichoke Hearts

Check out our “Ahhmazing Artichoke Dip” with Reese Artichoke Hearts, and see the retailers that sell Reese Artichoke Hearts and other Reese Specialty Foods nearest you here.



1 14.8oz can of Reese Artichoke Hearts

1 cup light mayo

1 cup of your favorite grated Parmesan cheese


1. Open up the can of Reese Artichoke Hearts. Put them in a strainer and drain excess water. Place the artichoke hearts between two pieces of paper towel to absorb any additional water.

2. Peel apart each artichoke heart into slivers and place in separate baking dish.

3. Add 1 cup of your favorite light mayo

4. Add 1 cup of your favorite grated parmesan cheese

5. Gently stir the ingredients together, being careful not to smash the artichoke too much

6. After all ingredients are incorporated and mixed well, add extra grated parmesan as desired.

7. Bake at 375 degrees for 17-20 minutes or until slightly golden brown and bubbling on top

8. Use your favorite crackers, crusty bread, or veggies for dipping (we used fresh soft pretzels from the local German bakery)


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